Sin2X Cos2X + Sec30 1/Csc20

Or was it:

Sin20 Cos20 + 1/Sec30 Csc20

Does it matter?

Let's see…If 1/SecX = CosX

Does that mean 1/Sec3X = Cos3X?

If Sin2X = Sin20, does Sin20 = Sin2X?

And Cos2x + Sec3X = 1, I think…

No, Cos2X + Sec3x ≠ 1…


Because Pythagoreous told us so…

If Cos2X + Sin2X = 1

Does that mean 1 is really just the product of two infinite numbers such as Sin2X and Cos2X?

And what about Tan?

IF I take 1/Csc20

And multiply it by Csc/Csc…

Does that mean that 0 is still just a circle with a line through it?

And how do you square a Sin?

What about a Cos? Or a Sec? Csc?

Quick! What's the square root of 144?

Will that factor into the problem?

How many Sec's are in a Csc?

How many Cot's are in a Tan?

How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

The world may never know.