Big boys cry

You're growing older every single day, In every single way, And your girl's just said 'good bye', Breaking up your tie, It's okay' go ahead and cry, Big boys cry.

No one loves you boy, Because you treat the girls like a toy, Do you even have someone? Don't lie to me, don't go and run, You can sigh, you can cry, Big boys cry.

Were you sad about that fight? The one that we had last night? You were screaming, And your brother was laughing, If you want to cry, It's okay, cause big boy cry.

Were you mad at me? I could see, I kept calm all night long, Just singing as if it were a song, Now's the time to cry, Go ahead, big boys cry.

Don't you see? You said you didn't love me, But if you didn't, Why did you waste your time, your life, and your love, on me?

I'm not interested in your stories, Your lies or your love, If you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm sorry; mine are taken, Save your love for some one who cares, Cause I don't.