Chap 1: She's back

Finally she was back. Back to where she felt she belonged. Back to the place she had grown up. She was back, and she was very happy too. Her name was Christie. She was one of those girls whose parents couldn't decide where to live. That meant that she had moved from one place and now had just moved back to the same place. Her parents had finally decided to stay back in the old town, the town where they had first started it all, the town that Christie loved.

Now Christie was back to school, but not the elementary school she started at, now she was into the middle school. This was the first year for her and any others to start middle school. Her friends, whom she had kept in contact with by email, had told her they couldn't wait. She had also gotten excited when she found out she was moving back. She was especially excited that she'd be able to see her old best friend again. His name was Mike, and they were best friends since day one.

You see, when Christie had started school she was more a tomboy, punk mix. She hung out more with guys then girls but the few she had been friends with had used her for protection as well as a dear friend. Christie was the girl in school who had scared all the guys away especially when they had acted tougher than girls. You wouldn't have known it by the way she looked then though. She was short, with short hair, and big glasses.

But during her time away from this place she had seemed to shoot up in height and had let her hair grow. She had also gotten small, thin glasses to replace her old wiry thick ones. She'd also gotten away from the punk look. She now wore tight jeans, and nice looking shirts that didn't hang down to her knees. Another thing that had changed was her form. She was now thin with long legs. This had surprised her family because most of them were all short legged. She expected her friends to act a little surprised by this, and she was right.

She walked into the classroom and went to the teacher.

"New kid!" she heard someone yell out.

She turned to see the boy and recognized him immediately "not so new to you Benny!" She called back.

Benny looking astonished said, "Nobody calls me Benny except for."

"Except for Christie Johnson, at your service Benny" she finished for him.

"No way! Christie?" he couldn't believe she was there. Then, when he finally could see it was really her he shouted to the class, "All wimps, nerds, and guy's who value your life take cover!"

She had to laugh at this. It was a call that he gave out whenever she came back after a long, or even normal weekend away. The few people who remembered this call hid behind books or book bags. She stood laughing at them and then saw the teacher about to say something

"It's ok Mrs. Uh."

"Jeninson!" someone whispered behind her.

"Mrs. Jeninson. It's something we always do. a joke." she said trying not to get her friends in trouble on the first day back.

Mrs. Jeninson kept her glare but said nothing and went back to her book. Christie gave a sigh of relief and took a seat beside Benny

"Thanks again" he whispered to her. She'd always saved his ass when he got into trouble like that.

"Again is right." She whispered back with a smirk. "Now where's Mike? Have you seen him lately?" she asked in a hushed tone.

"Let me see your schedule" he said sliding it off her desk "there." He pointed to there second class "you'll see him in Math. And you'll probably even get to talk to him, Mr. K's cool he lets us play games the whole time."

She nodded thanks and took her schedule back, eagerly awaiting Math class.