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The next day at school Christie could tell something was different. She now had class with Mike in more than just math and she saw him at lunch too. But she could tell easily that something was different. In English she could see, out of the corner of her eye, that Mike was staring at her from across the room. He looked as though he wanted to say something to her so, just in case, she looked to him once. He just smiled and she gave him a questioning look. The smile he gave her made her feel a little strange but in a good way. She turned back to the teacher, not really listening but looking the part.

She did this a lot and she knew it. She sat there thinking the whole time about possible ways why Mike would be doing this. The feeling she had, she thought, was similar to the way she felt with her ex-boyfriend when she thought about him. Only this time it wasn't bad. It didn't make her feel embarrassed or mad, but happy.

After a while she brushed the thoughts away and went through her classes until lunch. She sat at the end of her table like she normally did with a few friends. She listened to them talk about their crushes and who they might ask to the next dance. Just as she leaned up against the wall at her end of the table she saw someone from the corner of her eye.

Mike came up from behind and sat in the empty seat beside her.

"Hey" he said with a slow smile

She smiled back "hey"

"You don't mind me sitting here do you?" he asked in a slightly nervous voice.

"Nope. Just as long as your buddies over there don't come stampeding over here" she said nodding toward the boys who were staring goggle eyed at the two.

"Oh." He said looking toward them. At the sight of the glance one of the guys shouted over,

"We give her a nine!"

"Ten if she wears a grass skirt!" another boy shouted

"A Short one!" a third shouted

Christie laughed while blushing furiously then shouted to defend herself "Are you three afraid to come over here?"

All three looked at each other with a smile and the first shouted "No way!""

"Then why don't I see you over here?"

They all laughed and made there way over to her table.

Each of them sat down beside a different girl and each girl smiled thankfully to Christie. Each of them had a crush on one of these boys and that was one of the reasons Christie had called them over.

"Adam, Nick, Zack" Mike started "This is Christie"

"Christie-" He started but she cut him off.

"I know who they are: I've heard a lot about them." She said giving her friends a look. She was trying to give hints to the guys that the girls liked them. They all gave her disbelieving looks but Christie just smiled back at them

"Hey you guys I heard a dance is commin up next month right?" She started with a smirk.

"Yea...?" they said together

"You guys got dates yet?"

They all shook their heads.

"Well neither do these three. How 'bout you go with them?"

Everyone around smiled, and nodded. So it was set. Each of her friends had a date to the dance and they were all happy.

"But Christie" her friend Jess started, "What about you? You don't have a date yet."

Suddenly Adam spoke up "Why don't you go with Mike? He's free"

For a second she didn't even move, and then she turned her head to face Mike. He had a warm smile, which seemed to spread right from him to her.

"Ok." She said still smiling while the other girls giggled.

Eventually the boys headed back to their seats and lunch was over. Soon it went from lunch, to the end of the day. Christie walked home with Mike again only this time there wasn't much conversation, instead just a lot of smiling. Something seemed different that day. Christie felt different around him now. Instead of the normal best friend feeling, she felt really attached to him and just wanted to keep walking with him forever. Finally they stopped at her house and Mike gave her a look that said he wanted to talk with her.

"Jem you go ahead in tell mom I should be in soon." She said and, for once, Jem did just that and left them alone on the sidewalk.

"Chris?" Mike started

"Yea?" she asked.

"My parents are takin me to out usual boat trip at the end of this month and" he paused like he was thinking about the right words and finished "I was wondering if you'd like to come with us?"

She stood for a second thinking. She knew about he boat trip they took every year. Mike would take off of school on a Friday and they would stay up at a beach-house for the weekend. The only thing though, was that he had never asked her to come before. "Sure. I gotta ask my mom first but know her she'll say yes" she said with a smile.

Mike's smile broadened and made her feel even better "Ok. I'll call you later then.. wait, I don't have your number anymore."

She laughed at this and putted out a pen. She took his hand and wrote her number on the back of it. "Just don't for get to write it down or you'll lose the number" she advised and watched him leave smiling.

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