(This is my new set of...Novels, i guess. It is mostly going to be a bit confusing in
the begining, but trust me it's going to get good so stick with me now. And enjoy...)

Alpha Sword
Beginings Part 1

"Curtis! Curtis! Come on honey time to wake up." A female voice called from the a kitchen

"what?" A young boy moaned as he started to awaken.

He was a white male with very dark brown hair and pretty dark blue eyes. He had
black circles under his eyes to indicate he was one of those boys who don't sleep much. He
had about four pimples here and there due to puberty and he slept with all of his arms and
legs out of the covers which was scruched up only covering his chest and lower body.

"Your going to be late for school hon." She called again.

"Huh?" Curtis said as he moved over to look at his black digital alarm clock. 7:45 it read.
"AH CRAP! I'm gonna be late for school. STUPID ALARM CLOCK!" He said as he dashed into
the shower.

Less than twenty minutes later...

"Gotta move fast!" Curtis said as he ran down the sidewalk In blue jeans and a green
tee-shirt that slightly hung off his body.

"HEY KURT WAIT UP!" Another male voice called after Curtis.

"Oh hi Luke." Curtis returned as he regained his stopped to wait for his friend.

Luke was a typical teenager with long baggy blue jeans and a white tee-shirt supporting
the Nike company. His hair was of a dark brown colour with blonde highlights. His eyes were
of a deeper coloured green and he had his fair share of blemishes on his face. Well maybe only
two or three.

"Late again are you?" Luke said with a smile.

"Yeah it's a cheap alarm clock. I've been meaning to get a new one."

"That's what you always say. Well we better get goin' or we'll be late." Luke said as he and
Curtis ran to their school.

In class at Curtis' Public High School...

"Man same old routine day after day after day *yawn* I wish my life'id get intresting."
Curtis thought as he blocked out his teachers voice. Suddenly he was slapped on the back.

"Stay awake now Kurt." A young woman said to Curtis with a smile.
"Thanks Alina." He said.

Alina was also fifteen with golden yellow hair that was sightly curled
and bright blue eyes that seemed to light up her face. Her lightly tanned skin was almost
completly barren of any blemishes. She wore a duller shade of pink shirt that was tight on
her female body which had sleeves that reached to her elbow. She wore blue jeans as well
with the bell bottom legs that had pink and yellow flowers, on the stitching at the bottom
of the jeans.

Curtis then turned around and tried very well to pay attention to his english class and
not fall asleep. Secretly he was saying many prayers to speed up time and get out of there.

He walked home after the school day ended. He came home and made himself something to
eat for supper and went to his room to play a various assortment of video games on his computer.

At about 9:30 PM Curtis stopped playing games and walked towards his window and peered
out into the night sky that was slightly lit up with many stars. "All those guys and girls
out there who are probably having the time of their lives and having someone to share it with,
to think how I spend my time. Hmmf, saving the universe from AI aliens and winning the national
fishing trophy." Curtis said with a sigh. "It's like my life has no meaning."

Curtis then saw what appeared to be a bright yellow light slowly move across the stary
night with a yellow tail.

"A shooting star! ... I wonder why it's moving so slowly?"

At an unknown command center four creatures peer into a viewscreen which displayed the

"Are you sure THIS is where the scan detected the lifeform?" A deep male voice asked agrivatedly

"For the last time, Yes!" An angelic female voice yelled out.
"HEY! I think I've got a lock on the lifeform." Another male educated voice stated with
"Where?" Another low female voice asked.
"Grid 771-385."He replied.

In his room Curtis layed sprawled out on his bed and started to fall asleep, dreaming of going
off to new lands and making his life count. In his window a strange yellow beam of light watied
and seemed to be looking into the room.

"HIM?! That's the one that has to defend the universe?" The male voice inquired mockingly.

"Yes THAT is him. He's raw material now but we can train him and he can become very usefull."
One of the female voices said godlike.

"Well we might as well make ourselves known to the boy."
A male voice said happily as he pressed a few buttons on a control panel.

Curtis was sleeping peacefully, but when the beam of light passed through the glass and
came to a stop hovering above the boy, he started to awaken. He looked at the yellow beam of
light that was hovering not much more than a foot away from his face. He started to move out
of the way from the light which stayed directly above him.

"Well let's get this show on the road. Shall we?" A female voice said as she pressed
a button.

Just then the light that was hovering above Sean flashed brightly as a yellow blast of
light filled the room. Curtis moved his head to shield his eyes from the blast. He slowly turned
his head back after, the blast vanished, to look at the light but now in it's position was a sword.

It was a meter long and the handle of the sword was circular with an grip that was
made of silver and the rest of the base was gold. Two diagonal bars of gold, two inches in size,
were pertuding out of left and right sides of the base. The two bars were decorated in red rubies,
one on the far side of each bar, three rubies covered the front and back of the downward diagonal
golden bars. The sword's blade was made of silver with a long dip in the actual blade from the base
to an inch from the end of the blade.

"W-What's going on? W-W-What's this s-sword here for?" Curtis stutterd, frightened.

"Take the sword! Take the swo-! Take the sw-! Take the sword!" Voices erily sounded with an

Curtis causiously took the sword. Suddenly a massive blast of light filled the room.
When Sean opened his eyes again nothing had changed from the sword. He did feel a strange
itch on his right arm. He lifted his right sleeve and he saw a midnight black circle that was
ten centimeters in diameter and had a blue circle that was one centimeter in diameter in the
center. The sword then projected a light onto a wall and two women and two men dressed in
white robes were standing behind a grey control panel.

"There now we have bonded with him and soon we can establish the psychic link with him,
but give me a while to find the frequency." One of the males said as he pressed an assortment
of buttons.

"While he's busy let me introduce the people you see infront of you for I bet you are a bit
confused at the moment." The woman said to Curtis, who nodded his head not sure of what she
was. "I am Lothena the universal goddess of caring faith, trust, leadership and knowledge.
The one working on the control panel is Maruthian the Universal God of technology, perserviarance
and dignity. The man to my right is Janson the Universal God of war, stratagy, weapons and stubborness."
Lothena kindly said. "I STILL DON'T THINK THIS IS THE ONE!" Janson yelled to Lothena. "Finally
the last lady on my left is Arathena the goddess of reassurance, doctors and vision." Lothena

"H-Hi." was Curtis's response, slightly waving at the image.

"I guess we should make him the God of public speaking!" Janson mocked.

"SILENCE JANSON!" Lothena yelled turning to him with an angered look.

"GOT IT!" Maruthian yelled out as he pressed a button which turned off the projection.

"Hey! Where'd you guys go?" Curtis asked as he started to look over the sword.
"We're right here Curtis, we are directly linked into your neural frequency so we can hear
you and we can see what your eyes see." Arathena told Curtis.

"So what's going on?" Curtis asked heavily overwhelmed.

"Well, kid basicly you are a Universal Gaurdian, and the big sword your carring is the
Alpha sword." Janson told him mockingly.

"Now that tells me alot!" Curtis fired back looking around the room, not sure what to stare

Lothena then began to explain, "Listen. Before the universe was created a god named Orinthian, was
ridiculed by other gods that lived in a universe of their own. This god was evil and decided
that he would revoke their immortality for all the ridicule he was given. So he somehow messed up
and instead of just revoking the other gods's immortalitly he split the universe into two different
universes. The thing that he used to seperate the universe was a sword. This sword then split into
two seperate peices one was called the Alpha sword and one the Omega. Each sword contained
that universe's power. Orinthian was destroyed by the tear. The gods somehow managed to find
a way to crossover to the opposite universe. They decided to keep both swords together.
One god was voted to protect the swords and his name was Jaratonian. Soon after he was
trusted with this task, he married a god named Zera. One day Zera attacked Jaratonian and attempted
to steal the two swords to gain complete control over both universes. Luckily she only managed to
steal the Omega sword. A battle was then started and she finaly fled for the Omega universe.
When she did, all of the other gods set up a barrier that made it almost impossble to
crossover to the opposite side. She now rules over that side. Now almost ten million years later, a massive
attack raged on as she somehow ripped a hole into our universe and sent millions of her minions to
steal the Alpha sword. After she was defeated all of the gods put in all of their strength to stop her
but all they did was shorten her powers down to thirty percent. We decided to hide the sword in a place
no one could ever find it, and we decided on a mortal planet. As we looked over each planet
your planet showed up because-"

"Lothena, I hate to interupt your little history lesson but we have a problem." Maruthian

To be continued...

(Hey don't worry the next chapter is going to be jam packed with action so don't shun me for leading
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