Goodbye Cruel World

Your cold eyes stare at me
I no longer see you
Blood taints my vision
I am blind

Frosty tears drip,
Down my pale translucent cheeks
I am dying,
Watching you die

Crimson specks of blood
Mark the memories in that book,
We use to share with our lives
I look at your broken wrists


Is that how our childhood memories leave us?
Leave us waiting for an escape,
That will never come

You look at me
Just like those porcelain dolls,
You use to have
Smugly satisfied

The bandages on your wrists unwind
The scars are almost gone
As if nothing happened that night

I look at you,
I'm no longer blind
I see that you will be fine

You're alive
You're happy
You're repaired

But then you pick up the knife
A wild gleam in your eyes,
As you bring it towards your chest

The blood taints my vision
I tremble, as i stare at your bloody body
And realize that i was blind all along

You seemed alive
You seemed happy
You seemed repaired

Before i can even say goodbye,
The cruel world takes you away

A/C- Longest poem yet! Angsty i know. Weird i know. Please review!