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The gray dragon, Fanthil blew a spout of flame into the council fire bowl. Then landed. After he did, he turned to Gyrin and Larken. Other dragons began to arrive behind him.

Fanthil's golden eyes narrowed with suspicion.

"Who are you?" his deep bass voice rumbled, vibrating the stone platform beneath their feet.

"I' so Gyrin Kiarnymthi."

"Gyrin! . . ." The dragon's face loomed closer as Fanthil lowered his neck and leaned toward them. "How-?"

"What's going on?" another dragon asked, craning it's neck to see around Fanthil.

"This . . human claims he's our lost brother, Gyrin."

"Gyrin! You mean the Gyrin who registered to be confirmed tonight?"

"That's the one."

The other dragon gave Gyrin a wary glance-over.

"I'm telling the truth!" Gyrin shouted.

"Well, he does speak the fae-tongue," Fanthil murmered to the red dragon at his side.

"He does remind me of Gyrin," a green dragon remarked, sidling up to Fanthil.

"Hello, Lorainne," Gyrin greeted the dragon with a smile. Lorainne looked startled.

"How did you know my name?" she asked.

"Because I'm Gyrin!" He cried, waving his hands about.

Larken wasn't saying anything, because she was too busy hiding behind Gyrin. The adult dragons were ten-times bigger than what Gyrin was as a dragon.

"Please, beleive me!" Gyrin pleaded.

Fanthil exchanged glances with the other dragons.

"All right," he said, "we will think about it over the council banquet and before we start the council, we'll talk about it."

Gyrin agreed to this and sat down near one of the huge arches. Larken sat down next to him.

"What if they don't believe us?" she asked.

"They will, most likely, eat us," Gyrin answered.

Larken unwittingly began to scoot closer to Gyrin as she watched the dragons eat. They were dining on mutton and cow. Raw. It was all brought in by a dragon who had picked it up from the neighboring mountain, where the food had been stored in a cave until needed.

Larken was forced to look away.

"Why isn't Fanthil eating?" she asked. Before she averted her gaze she had noticed the gray dragon with food before him, but not touching it.

"The host always eats last. It's tradition."

Suddenly, Larken realized that her pendant had been glowing fiercely. She had been so distracted by the dragons' eating habits, that she hadn't noticed it until it had gained the intensity of a small star.

"Gyrin, look!"

"Gothorn's close!"

"From the intensity of the light of the pendant, a little too close, I believe."

Suddenly, a cry rose up from feasting dragons. One dragon stood with it's mouth agape, staring straight ahead at the dragon across from her. Except, the dragon being stared at was no longer a dragon, but a human!

The dragon stone's dull red glow pulsed once, then did nothing.

The same happened with the rest of the dragons. All turning into humans. Their dragon powers, at the same time were all going back to the dragon stone.

"What in the world?" Larken cried.

Suddenly a glass flask rolled across the floor and bumped into her toes.

"Gothorn!" she exclaimed.

Poor Fanthil looked at his transformed brothers, then at Gyrin and Larken with distress and confusion written all over his usually well guarded face. Then his features hardened.

"I demand to know what is going on!" he growled.

"The same thing that happened to me," Gyrin said quietly.

"So, you are Gyrin after all."

"Yes!" Larken exclaimed. "That's what he's been trying to tell you for the past twenty minutes!"

Fanthil looked at her sharply, but knew she was correct in her outburst.

"I know how we can transform them back," Gyrin said.


"We use the Dragon Stone."

"Of course!" Fanthil said, brightening. "Now, why didn't I th-" Fanthil said this while turning his massive head toward the Dragon Stone, he stopped and suddenly let out a roar that shook the entire council platform, even jarred loose a few stones from the old crumbling arches.

Fanthil had heard the gasp of a man and had spotted four half-invisible wizards trying to push the dragon stone off the pedestal without burning themselves. Kaibinl already was blowing on his hand. He was the one who had gasped.