To Summer

Who does not know the joy of waking

Early on a summer morn, seeing the dew

Sparkle on each leaf, each blade of grass

Reflecting the sun, just now rising

Amidst the clouds, purple and blue

And starting the day brand-new

Welcoming all who are there to see it

To the new miracle that each day doth bring

The wonder of your vastness,

The true joy that you bring, just being with you

Causes the heart to sing.


Season of grass stains and flickering fireflies,

Close friend with the clear yellow sun

Speaking of hot sweaty afternoons

And warm cloudless evenings

Where fireflies flicker and crickets chirp

An owl howls and dogs may bay

At the waning moon that sinks

In a brilliant sunset behind the ancient oaks

And the willow tree, her back bent,

Her arms dangling to hide the bench

Where sit two lovers in close embrace.


Those who speak of spring, winter or fall

Have never known the sweet kiss

Of a summer teardrop on a cheek or

The simple joy of catching a silver-bellied

Trout in the stream that flows in the wood,

They know not what your graces add

To their lesser seasons that make them so grand

Spring and its flowers that blossom longer with you

Winter's cold tis only colder by your warm caress

And autumn! Autumn with its leaves

And harvest, but it all grows with you!