Arge! Me a knight from hell!


Sorry! I meant pirate!

Qui-ti: Aren't we the same person?


Qui-ti: Why do you not have a name then?



Okay, the reason that insane crap ended was because the person(s) said DIE QUI-TI and they were Qui-ti too so they're dead too! Okay, time for some more stuff!


Erg: Why is my name Erg?

Qui-ti: Cause I said so!

Oof: Who are we?

Qui-ti: You are my expressions!

Chlorophyll: Whhoo! Arf!

Arge: Oh, my god!

Arf: I feel like a dog!

Qui-ti: Why am I typing this?

jdu: I dunno!

Qui-ti: Okay! Chlorophyll!

Chlorophyll: [looks smug]


I do not know why I typed that but I do know that Yuna and Rikku are wearing very new and revealing outfits in FFX-2! OOOOOOOOOOO! ME CAN"T WAIT TILL IT COMES OUT IN JAPAN IN MARCH AND I LEARN LAPANEESE TO PLAY IT!

Do not listen to my incessant rambling people (yeah right! I bet Ish-bob will be the only one) who's reading this!