"The Dark Gods are ruthless. They are sadistic. They are insane. My comrades... I found them all dead, complete with a bloody mess and all. Their heads... separated from their bodies. Their hearts... cleanly torn from their chests and nowhere to be found. They're so badly burnt, emaciated, and torn apart, I can't even identify Alec from Jake anymore... damnit... why am I so afraid? Why did I fail to protect them all as I said I would? I... I'm hearing footsteps now... Ultimus, please, make it quick and painless... ple-"

- Captain Arrow Silveri's Journal


Quick Side Note - This story is a sequel to 'The Legend Of Blackblade', which can be read at .net or in my FictionPress library. Enjoy your read. Perhaps, might I add, if you read Blackblade I, you'll understand what the heck is going on in Blackblade II a whole lot better. On with the show, folks.


"No! Please, have mercy, Lord Zephyr! It was an accident!"

"Accidents are for amateurs. And I have ZERO tolerance for amateurs, Trinity. I told you the price of your failure. It was death."

A young, scantily-clad woman with fiery red hair and phoenix-like wings was being telekinetically thrown about by a slim, blue-haired man who seemed to be furious for some arcane reason. The woman was crying in pain, too weak to stand up and bleeding from more places than she could count. Zephyr wore a menacing smirk, despite the pain she was enduring. "Stupid mortal."

He gave her a swift kick to the ribs, causing her to scream and endure even more suffering. "Please... s-stop... please..."

The same sadistic smirk remained on Zephyr's face until his right-hand man entered the room, clad in purple-black and pale gold armour. Razor-sharp spikes adorned the armour on his shoulders and a single, unnerving eye was smelted into his breastplate, made of the same pale gold metal. He looked down at the bleeding woman, not a change of emotion in his face, then turned his glance to Zephyr before speaking. "I apologize for interrupting, Zephyr."

Zephyr turned to meet his remorseless gaze. "Ah, it's not a problem, Nexus. What are you here for?"

"Your army's weaponry and armoury has arrived..." He glanced momentarily at Trinity, then back to Zephyr. "And perhaps, while you go to inspect them, I may take this girl off your hands for you. You can trust me with this task."

Zephyr laughed softly and crouched down, whispering to Trinity in a voice as dark as night. "You're lucky, Trinity. Real lucky. But, don't expect your luck to last forever. You'll be dead soon enough."

Standing back up again, he gave the girl one last kick to the ribs before instructing Nexus. "Take her away. Do what you wish with her, then throw her in the dungeon."

"As you wish," Nexus obeyed, then roughly picked Trinity up and walked her out to the corridor. As soon as the door closed, he softened. As he walked, his grip on her was gentler and he walked at a slower pace for her leisure. Without even changing the non-existent emotion in his face or turning to her, he asked her, "Are you alright?"

She looked up at him weakly, half in surprise. "What?"

He walked with her as he spoke. "I said, 'Are you alright?'"

"Aren't... aren't you supposed to be... on his side? You're supposed to be... rougher. This is where you're... supposed to... punch me in the face for talking..."

"I know how it feels... before, I was one of his subjects, too. Eventually, I won over his trust and became what I am today. But, I still want to know if you're alright. You don't look it."

"I've been in better shape... and I've been in worse shape... I..."

Her knees suddenly felt weak and she collapsed, caught at the last moment by Nexus. He looked at her, unconcious, with sympathy in his eyes, which had never been seen with any sort of emotion in them. "I'll get that bastard somehow..."