Trinity, in her unconcious state, was lain down in a dungeon cell's bed by Nexus. He wished there were something more comfortable for her to lie on while she recovered from Zephyr's beating, but alas, there was not. He shut the cell door softly behind him and pulled some medicinal herbs out of a pouch on his belt. Approaching the winged girl, Nexus wrapped her wounds first with the herbs, then with white bandages also from his pouch. It seemed to be a storage for a traveler's medical supplies.

He tenderly and carefully wrapped the girl's painful wounds, trying not to wake her from her painless and peaceful sleep. When he was finished, he put the white bandages and herbs that were left over back into his medicinal pouch. As he gazed at her pitifully, a painful memory returned to him...


Nexus held Xodia close as if he'd never see her again... little did he know, he wouldn't after this night.

He was a royal knight from the kingdom of Zebes and she was an important general the Celendra kingdom's army. Celendra and Zebes were strongly- opposing forces and a Zebian warrior associating with a Celendrian was considered treason, as it also was vice-versa, and was punishable by death.

Xodia held Nexus just as close, if not closer. Tears streamed from her eyes, though she tried to hold them back as much as she could. "Why... do I have to leave, Nexus?"

"It's dangerous for me and for you, Xodia... it hurts me so much to do this to you... but, the Zebian and Celendrian laws are strict and I don't want you to get hurt... I'm sorry, Xodia... I-"

"What the hell is going on here?"

The abrasive voice startled the two. It was a high-ranking Zebian warrior known as General Kano. He had long, platinum-white hair, crimson eyes, and wielded four powerful swords, each with magical incantations engraved on their blades. The same incantations were engraved on his breastplate, as well as the impressively-painted decoration of golden flames on its upper half. His foot armour was black and pale, shining silver decorated the edges of it. The rest of his body was covered by loose, white robes with hidden armour beneath them to protect him even further.

Nexus stifled a fearful shout - he had been caught. "General Kano... I can expla -"

"There will be no explaining, traitor. There will be death." - Later that night, Kano and his fleet chained Xodia to an outdoor castle wall in front of a crowd of villagers eager to see the blood of their enemy spilt. It had been decided, with great influence from Kano, that Nexus would also be forced to watch this as punishment for his traitorous actions. As two burly castle guards dragged him out of the castle in shackles, villagers booed him and threw sharp rocks at him that cut his unprotected skin. Nexus forced himself to look up at the fully-concious Xodia, helplessly chained to the stone wall of the castle and nearly burst into tears. Try as he might to break free from the guards' awesome grip, it only succeeded in causing him more pain as they elbowed him in the back and hit him over the head with their fists.

Kano stepped up to the incapicitated woman, no emotion present in his face. "Hear ye, ladies, gentlemen, and children present at this event. I come before you to have you witness the righteous killing of this Celendrian fool, General Xodia, who had been having an affair with our very own Sir Nexus behind our backs. All in favour of Xodia's death, say 'I'!"

A thunderous cry erupted from the crowd. Everyone cried out the last word Kano had said. The guards held Nexus' face up so he would have no choice but to watch as the Zebian general drove his second-largest sword through Xodia's torso in a sickening display of splattered blood and a bloodcurtling shriek of pain. The crowd didn't see this as inhumanity. They saw this as Kano had said it was; righteous.

But, before Xodia's head dropped for the last time, she looked straight into Nexus' eyes and he thought he heard her say something, if only in his mind.

"It's not your fault."


Nexus had to blink back tears of sorrow. It was a painful memory, and for some reason, Trinity reminded him of it. "She looks... so much like Xodia..."

"Ah, what am I doing!? If Zephyr finds me tending to this girl, he may just kill her, too... I have to get out of here." He headed for the door and...

... found that it was locked. "Shit! Where's the key..."

He rummaged around aimlessly in his pouches and even his sheaths, but to no avail. No key. Then, it suddenly came to him. He was never given a key. Zephyr expected him to just throw Trinity in the cell and leave without entering it. If he was caught now, it would be exile from Zephyr's kingdom for sure...