THE TOWER OF LUCIFIX A Tale Of Xero Maverick - "Our story begins in a long-forgotten, stone tower that holds many wonders and much powerful wisdom for its explorers. Not to mention the abundance of treasure - gold, weapons, enchanted objects, and, most importantly, beast eggs. Yes, beast eggs.

There were 20 floors to this here tower, each with a different array of demons that would attack the unwary, guarding their home - The Tower of Lucifix, thought to be a grand shrine to the dark deity Himself in ancient times, now home to soulless demons, forever sworn to guard this tower, and an extreme amount of forgotten treasure... treasure that is very valuable to the cunning treasure hunter. Very valuable indeed.

But, some people didn't come for the riches at all. Oh, heck no. Some people just love the heat of combat, taking up arms against hundreds of increasingly powerful demons. But, to this day, only one hunter has ever reached the top floor of the Tower of Lucifix. A greedy man named Danté. Danté made his way up to the 20th floor of the tower, accompanied by his faithful familiar, Kano. For those of you who are educated on what a familiar is, skip the next paragraph. For those who are unfamiliar in the ways of the familiar, read the explanation following this. And those who just want to listen to my description of a familiar because I'm just so freaking cool(wink, wink, nudge, nudge)... read on, of course!

Familiars are, in laymen's terms, 'wizard pets'. Well, I shouldn't say just WIZARD pets... they are most commonly found at a wizard's side, for they are usually the only ones with enough power to tame and contain the familiars' power and wildness. This is because most familiars were once run- of-the-mill beasts, and therefore, are unused to living under the law of a domineering owner. They still retain their animalistic instincts - do whatever it is necessary to survive. Familiars, depending on what type they are, aid in spell-casting amd protect their owner from harm, and whatever their owner would wish them to do. The unexperienced wizards would do well to stick to weaker familiars if they value their lives.

Now, getting back to Kano and Danté. Kano was a wyvernist - as in, a small wyvern. I should explain this, too... wyverns are a type of dragon, and can be with or without arms, depending on the type of wyvern it is. If it is the latter type(without arms), their wings are broader and more powerful, as their arms are replaced by their wings.