Once upon a time there was a person called Aldrea. She was really horrible. Everyone hated her. So she died.

At about the same time there was a person called Sammy. She was really horrible. Everyone hated her. So she ran for the far distant hills and trapped passers by and ate them alive MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

*cough cough* Sorry.

Anyway I am going to write an amazingly stupid and idiotic story so here goes... *deep breath* ...


One day a person came into a room and no one noticed her.

Or so she thought (mwahahahaha).

There was some peoples standing on tables singing really horribly - she concluded they must be drunk.

Or so she thought (mwahahahaha).

Anyway so she sat down at one of the tables (far from the people singing on the tables) and cried and cried.

She cried so much that there was a flood and she drowned the whole world except 9Days coz they had to sing the song. They (9Days) could swim but no one else in the world could becoz they were sille sille bums. But then the girl realized she couldn't swim either for she was also a sille sille bum. And so she died and in time the sun made all the tears go away and then 9Days were the only peoples left on the world and since they were all guys...they went into a magic shop and bought the Elixir of Life and brought everyone back to life (except the really evil peoples) coz they were really nice peoples, and coz they were so damn nice they tought everyone how to swim just in case someone came into a room and cried and cried and drowned the whole world again.


Moral of this Story: i am insane and crazy not to mention weird!