The "Grown-Up" Box

It's a large stone chest and the center is cold,
Four walls fortress this impenetrable mold,
A place where you can neither deal nor fold,
You are trapped inside the Box.

No one cares when you are inside this place,
Alone and unarmed, its danger you face,
No protection, no compassion, not even a trace,
When you are trapped inside the Box.

Your friends are locked out, nothing seems real,
Nobody shares in the pain that you feel,
Your mind is captive in those walls of steel,
And you are trapped in the Box.

Don't try to escape, you'll just be deceived,
These unwavering walls cannot be breached,
Loneliness and depression are the scars that they leave,
When you are trapped in the Box.

Years go by and you move on to better days,
Your heart's grown stronger from that cold dark place,
But you'll never have back the innocence you gave,
To the "Grown-Up" Box.

Disclaimer: It's mine for reasons unknown, which means no reposting without permission right? But I LOVE feedback folks! Copyright 2000, Diana