It's Only a Game of Pretend

Have you ever dreamed or wished upon a star,
That all your pain in life would end?
Have you ever just wanted to be loved for who you are,
But your life is only a game of pretend.

Have you ever wondered just what people see,
When they gaze so intently at your face?
Would you like the person that you turned out to be
If you were standing there in their place?

Yeah I've got talent, though its not all that much,
It wins me friends everyday.
But if I didn't have those skills as such
Would these "friends" care anyway?

Sure I'm good-looking, or at least I'm ok,
Two eyes, clean teeth, small nose.
But when I don't blend in that particular way
All my supporters become foes.

And I have a brain, don't ask me why
As it seems I don't use it that much.
But if I've managed to live, not die,
Proves something up there must touch.

Oh the funny girl, yeah that's me over there.
The one always quick with a joke.
But when my back is turned from the jeers and stares
It's at me all the fun is poked.

All these things are pleasant to have
And I'm grateful for everyone.
But is this outward package, so solemn and drab,
All that remains of me when it's done?

Some people say that I light up the stage,
Others remark on a pretty face,
Some other people say I'm smart for my age,
But that's not really the case.

I can't pretend to be what I'm not,
I was created to be just who I am.
I can't carry the burden of pleasing their lot
But I just wish someday they'd understand.

And love me for I am.

Not for what I can do,
Not for my friends or fam.
Not for all I can give you
But just, JUST for who I am.

Disclaimer: Yeah, its my poem, though its too depressing for me to get to excited about the fact. *sigh* Please don't reprint without asking. Thanks. Copyright 2000, Diana