Baby, Why?

Baby, when I feel my world crashing down,
I call out to you, hope you'll come around.
The stillness mocks me, I don't hear a sound.
Baby, why?

In a world of hard knocks where nobody cares,
Full of kicking butt and mocking stares,
I feel the pain and it's just not fair.
Baby, why?

Why take only one girl out of millions more?
What has she got that you're searching for?
On other broken hearts, you just slam the door,
Baby, why?

When my face gets slapped and my heart gets used,
When I can't believe fairytales come true,
When you don't love me after I loved you,
Baby, why?

Disclaimer: Ok, I wrote this, I admit it. You can take me away now, for getting mad at certifiably fictional characters for not showing up to take me out of my misery. *grin* But you may not take the poem without my permission. Fair nuff? Other then that, I LOVE feedback people! *hint hint...* Copyright 2000, Diana