The Legend Of

Written by: Xero Maverick
Proofread by: Dragon's Angel


At one time in the past, on a planet called Gaia, a powerful swordsman named
Ryuko lived. No one knew where he came from, where he acquired his skills, or
what his purpose was; he was a wanderer without a set path within his life.
Until one day, when he stumbled upon a merchant town called Sorus, and was hired
by the king of Sorus, Shadow, to fight in the upcoming war against a malicious
force known only as 'The Dark Brigade'. After agreeing to do this deed, Ryuko
decided to stay in Sorus until 'The Dark Brigade' arrived. At the eve of the
war, he began to become melancholic and came to terms that he may not come out
of this war alive. But with the great wall of confidence within himself and a
yearning to help souls in need, Ryuko knew he had to risk it all just to save