The Road

The end of the road is near when you can't see the light, the light of the house you left, the one true home you knew, on a wish to find out who you are, really are, not the shallow person whom you become, the one who could not care if the road was gravel or cement, or if the road is near an end, so you left your house, leaving your old life behind, to come to this road, the road that has changed your life forever, has let you make a better judgement of the world , the world you want to help, but at the end of the road is a new light, the light of your new life, a better life, the future, a time when you will care if this road is cement or gravel, and you will return to your house one day to see your old home, run down and ruined, it will represent the old you, but the light now represents you, bright and hopeful, you hope it will always be this way but know it will not, that some day it will return to the old days of not caring if the road is near an end, or if the road is gravel or cement, but until you come to that point you will try to live life to its fullest, for fear of those days to come, you don't want them to come, but you know they will, and those days will take away more than what you gained from this trek, it will make your more careless, a bitter shallow self, you think of all this as you near the end of the road, but you realize that it is not the end of the road, it is far from it, far from ending your journey that has cost you so much and given you more in return, the trek of more than a thousand miles, a thousand life times, not the end of a road so few people have taken in their lives or have had the chance to do it, it is not the end, never will it be the end, for the end means change will stop, will go away, that end will come later, a different time, when you have had a chance to live with your new self, this my friend is the begining.

I thought of this during my Latin II Class. I hope you liked it.