Pity For My Foe

I saw my friends and family

They begged me not to go

To the battle I was to find

T'was very far from home

I paid no heed to their requests

And then started my trek

Hoping with all my heart that I

Would not come back a wreck

I silently climbed up the hill

And watched the sunset rise

A silhouette of my foe came

With malice in his eyes

I focused my vision on him

He did the same to me

We each drew our scimitars then

Not with a will to flee

Then, we both rushed at each other

Let out a cry of might

Both of us took deadly slashes

And they ended the fight

Blood rushed down my opponent's face

Blood also rushed down mine

But his wound was even greater

He fell; that drew the line

The fight was over, I had won

But I saw something now

A chain hung around his small neck

I looked; he raised a brow

In it, a picture of two boys

One looked a lot like him

I saw the bottom read 'Brothers'

Their names were Mike and Jim

He had family, he has friends

I walked off; let him go

And returned, happy, to my home

I'd pity for my foe