This was meant to go with my DBZ fic, but I forgot to put it in!

At a Glance..

No light can penetrate this storm,

No good can Banish it away,

This is where evil takes it's form,

And is released on the world to play.

A young child sits here,

It looks so young, so innocent, so free.

You wouldn't thinks this is it's fear,

But only hate it can see,

All angst from comes from it's mind,

It's paranoid thoughts from being sold,

Grief Chains do bind,

Unbelievable, a heart so cold.

If it is a monster now,

What will it age to become,

Someone to rule, to vow,

It's life void of fun.

The shadow spreads around

Rendering emotions dead,

By terrifying cries of sound.

Suffering it is fed.

I wonder who is this kid,

Who none will defy,

Whose anger has no lid.

At a glance, I see it is I