*A poem, for when everything does something else*

When We Ride

When we walk this road alone
When we talk in an empty tone
When we run along the street
When our dreams just can't be meet
When our wings will not fly
When our hearts refuse to die
When our love rises each day
When we hope in every way
When our bodies move about
When we mourn, whine or pout
When we sing a song of joy
When we play life like a toy
When we find a sinful tide
When we want to take a ride
When we find a heart to take
When we always seem to break
When we cry out for love
When the rain falls from skies above
When the ground refuses to break
When the rain falls and fakes
When our smiles refuse to die
When our hearts refuse to deny
When we want to live this tide
That is
When We Ride