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Swearing, death, adult themes, killing, vampires and other supernatural creatures, drugs, alcohol, gay guys, and more.

Pairings: You'll see.

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Chapter 1


Thunder rolled threwout the sky and its twin elluminated everything in a brilliant flash of light, casting shadows across the barren street faces and dimly light lamp posts. A forlorn figure sat quietly under the gently pelting rain and let the cool liquid wash rapidly over him. The sunset soon faded and all that was left was the lightning's flash and thunders cries in one of the few cold dark nights of Empyrean. The figure slouched and brought his limbs around to keep him warm, leaning into their feathery embrace. The silence was almost deafening between the storms loud claps and any sound that could of been heard was lost between its angry screams. The blanket of security and ease slipped away from the figure and caused him to jump slightly. He looked at the sky almost bewilderedly and search if for its disturbance. He found it quickly and had to squint to make sure that it was real. A wing├Ęd figure flew aquardly threw the sir then almost crashed as a bolt of lightning struck near it. It was to small to be an adult, it must be one of the children, probably disobeying its parents by running off during a storm, not knowing how dangerous it was until they were caught in it themselves. He stood and watched as the child crossed over the gap of clouds and faltered slightly. They were hurt, it seemed. The man [1] opened his wings and jumped onto the railing of the porch, just as the child faltered again. There was no hesitation as he jumped off the balcony and spread out his wings in flight, hurriedly he moved to save the rebellious child.

It was hard navigating his way threw the clouds as lightning struck around him, bairly being able to dodge its lashing strike. But finally, he made it to the child who was now almost all the way across the gap and lifted it into his arms. Cold. Thats all he felt as the little boy raised it's head that had been hidden behind his hair and smiled evilly at the Angel. Red eyes, the child had blood red eyes.[2] It laughed evilly before latching onto him with his claws and laughed again before plunging down towards the gap in the clouds. He tried to free himself but the boy just latched on tighter, digging his nails into muscle and flesh. He screamed in pain and was distracted from his fight long enough to be drug further down and threw the clouds. Pressure, there was so much pressure he could bairly breath and still the child dragged him down, plunging towards earth. He could feel the planets atmosphere pressing him in, like it was trying to tear him apart. The earth was coming closer and closer, faster and faster as thought he would go threw it he was going so fast. But then, he didn't have to worry about it anymore, because everything went black.

[1] He looks like a teenager of about 17 but time ages differently on Empyrean.

[2] The child's race will be talked about later.