The sky was already dark when I stepped out of my house. Now it was raining heavily. I don't have an umbrella or a coat with me, but I kept on walking like it was just a sunny afternoon. Raindrops fell hard on my head and on my skin, a part of me felt relieved that I haven't gone entirely numb. My feet picked up it's pace and in a minute I was running faster than I have ever run before. My vision blurred, my mind went blank and still something within me urged me to run even faster. Run faster but run where? The sky was getting even darker and it began to fill with thunder, the wind nipped his skin. I ran dodging people, dodging cars as I stumbled into traffic, I heard horns and yelling but I kept on running 'till all I can hear was the beating of my own heart. I felt driven, like I was chasing something or was I running away? Then I stopped as I realized where I was. My feet had led me to her door.

Hello good morning how you do

What makes you rising sun so new?

I was out of breath, cold and numb but a slight hope flared in my heart as I knocked on her door.

I would like a fresh beginning too

All of my regrets are nothing new

The door opened quickly enough and I saw her standing in front of me, an embodiment of what she have always been to me. Love, understanding and warmth, I know she were expecting me. I guess to her I have never been a mystery.

So this is the way that I say I need you

This is the way, this is the way

She smiled. Her soft brown eyes brighten and her lips curved slowly, earnestly and my heart sighed, warmth crept quietly through my body.

That I'm learning to breathe

I'm learning to crawl

She scold me for being so stupid as to stand in the rain, dragged me in and pulled at my clothes, leaving me half naked, dripping on her living room floor. By that time I was shaking with mirth as we played a game of tug and war with my clothes.

" What were you doing standing in the rain like that? If I wasn't in a good mood I'd probably would have left you in the rain." I snickered, my mood lighten at her teasing.

" No, you wont." I said. She gave a long-suffering sigh.

" You're right, I'd probably give you an umbrella, with two or three holes in it." I laughed. It was so good being with her. It has always been like this, no need for explanations, no need for dry conversations.

I'm finding that you and you alone can catch my fall

" Take a shower and I'll fix you something to eat." I stood rooted to the floor, astonished.

" You'll fix me something to eat, like in you're going to cook?" I asked disbelievingly, she never cooks. Hell, I don't even know she can cook. She looked at me and made a face.

" Of course not. Don't get me wrong, I love you but I don't love you that much." I grinned. She blinked then tilted she head.

" No, wait. I do love you that much." I raised an eyebrow as if saying," Seriously, you're cooking?" She grinned.

" I mean, if I don't I will cook you something and you'll definitely end up dead." I chuckled.

" Come on. You're cooking isn't all that bad."

" Tell that to all the dead flowers on the back yard." I was going to step into the bathroom and stopped on my tracks. Then I turned and looked at her, puzzled.

" What does that got to do with anything?" A mischievous glint appeared in her eyes. " I bury my cooking under them." I blinked and burst out laughing.

I'm living again, awake and alive

I stepped out of the shower eyeing my surroundings and smiled. Alisha can deny being girly, but her bathroom tells another story. Bath salts, numerous candles, scented or otherwise, lotions, scrubs, put on a rack beside the bathroom mirror. I wiped the fog of the mirror with a towel and looked at my reflection then let it fogged again in disgust as I saw the sudden flashbacks of what happened earlier in my eyes.

I'm dying to breathe under abundant skies

I got out of the bathroom wearing a T-shirt and jeans that I took out from an overnight bag that I kept in her house, if her can call a one room, one bathroom a small kitchen and living room a house. A towel on my wet head I walked to the living room.

Hello good morning how you've been?

Yesterday left my head again

I caught sight of my face on a glass cabinet at the way, my face grim, my mouth set in a straight line. She would take on look at me and…I shook my head and took a deep breath surprised by what I was feeling.

I never thought I would fall like that

Never thought that I could feel this bad

I blinked and took a stepped forward to the living room ad what I saw immediately put a smile on my face. Alisha were all innocence, she were dressed in an oversize t-shirt and pajama strawberry pants. In her mouth was a spoon in her hands was a bowl of ice cream. I felt myself grimace seeing that." It's storming outside and you're eating ice cream?" She blinked at me innocently as if saying, "Why shouldn't I?"

" Want some?" I grimaced.

" No, thanks." She made a face.

" You're no fun." I lifted an eyebrow.

" This from a girl whose life revolved around books?" She glared and made a move to smack me with a cushion. I dodged and grinned.

" What are we watching?"

" Ah frozen food. The delight of my dreary life." I flatly said which earned a smack on the head.

" Beggars can't be choosers." She drawled and spooned another helping of ice cream into you bowl. Just watching her eat made my mouth felt numb. I sat at the foot of her chair since each of her furniture was only a couple of inches from the floor anyway.

Alisha's house was spacious yet small, but it was home, furnished and decorated with love, taste and style. Alisha took her house decoration very seriously, she personally scraped and scrimped for everything that from the very first time you stepped inside her door, you'll feel a feminine presence and the scents, the colors and the light trinkets lift lying around. There was always a certain air around it. Well, I always thought that if a man can make a house, only a woman could make it into a home, so it has been proven. Though the height of the furniture baffled him, it was always very short except for the kitchen table and the TV table. But he had stop trying to figure out Alisha a long time ago.

This is the way that I say I need you

He felt a weight on his leg, his eyes drifted fro the TV to the offending object. Alisha's foot. I turned my head and quirked my eyebrow at her and she loftily ordered me to rub her foot. I could feel my lips twitched but my voice was meek and submissive when I answered. I massaged her foot lightly, and found that my mind was wondering again. I didn't realize that I was spacing out until she slid off her chair and crouched beside me. I glanced at her and found she was looking at me then she whipped the towel off my head. She continued to kneel in front of me, draped to the towel in my damp hair then started to dry it gently. As seconds went by I felt my shoulders relaxed, my mind at eased.

The house was quiet except for the soft hum of conversation from the TV. I breathe more easily as I sat cross-legged in front of her kneeling figure. Her soft flowery scent wafted through my nostrils and I wondered whether it came from one of the bottles that I saw scattered around the bathroom. I closed my eyes and unconsciously touched my cheek on her arm. I hear her sigh and the motion of her hand stopped.

This is the way that I say I'm yours

" Thing will get better." She whispered. I opened my eyes and met her soft brown eyes and there they stayed. Slowly I gathered her into my arms needing to touch her, to feel her warmth and her love. I put my arms around her waist and I felt her arms encircled my neck, the softness of her surrounding me. I pulled her closer, her eyes still on mind, hesitated and then lean my head closer to hers. Her eyes widened slightly, betraying her surprised but then her eyes soften. Our lips touched in a soft brief caress more for comfort then anything sensual. Our eyes met again and she smiled that slow lift of the corner of her lips, she has always smiled more with her eyes than her mouth.

This is the way that I'm learning to breathe

I'm learning to crawl

Then I slipped my head to her neck, tangled my hand in her long hair, breathed in deeply and closed my eyes.

I'm finding that you and you alone can break my fall