*~*~*~*~Hey guyz, sad poems are...well...coming. Sorry that these poems may
make you feel bad bout your relationships or sumthin but hey, I juz hope
you guyz excuse my little well...depression. It's juz
that...well...um...there's something I really want to get over so I poured
out all my "hatred" through a few poems I made.~*~*~*~*

Love is so stupid, love is so dumb.
Those who love are all so numb.
Love is merely something you feel;
Something that seems almost unreal.

Why can't they see it's all a mistake?
It's all a big joke, it's not for they're sake.
Love is a crime for it's everything sad.
It won't last forever, it'll just make you mad.

Love is painful and it hurts way too much.
It's sad to think of a feeling as such.
I am just a player of this so called "life".
I think it was as if love was a sharp knife.

I don't want to recall how it was for me.
At first it was great, it filled me with glee.
Love made me happy and I thought it'd last
but as time flew by, I lost it so fast.

I then asked myself what could've gone wrong.
My love disappeared, it didn't last long.
Why is it this way? It should've been right.
Why hadn't I noticed love had blinded my sight?

What is it with love and it's harsh ways?
Love is a killer for it hurt for many days.
Love is so difficult and way complicated.
It is simply one thing I've always hated.

*~*~*~*~Hehe. Don't blame me if it sucked big time, k? So, okay, I'm back
to calling myself a sucker but at least I'm only doin that to myself, eh?
Anywayz, this poem is juz one of the few (I promise it's only a few) very
sad poems I made. You could call me dramatic or whatver. If you feel like
it, you could review. I really wouldn't mind. I don't actually expect any
reviews coz you know, this poem is an all-time sucker, not to mention
stupid as well. So, catch ya again some other time. Maybe then the poems I
make aren't so depressing anymore. k? lol! ^_^ ~*~*~*~*