*~*~*~*~okay, here is another one of the rather "sad" poems i made. there
are actually more than two but less than eight (8 is still few right?). i
won't ignore whatever you think but if you think it's bad, uhh... i dunno
wut to say. juz read on and plz don't change wut you think about the terms
"love and life" coz of this dumb poem. anywayz, you guyz juz tell me if my
poems are starting to annoy you, k? thanx. ~*~*~*~*
Is It Worth It?

Is it worth the sacrifice
I did for who I cared for?
Is it what I wanted?
True love and nothing more?

People say I'm crazy
inlove and just obsessed.
I don't know how to say it.
Perhaps I'm just depressed.

Others say I'll move on
but what'll happen if I don't?
Others say I'll forget it
but what if I really won't?

Getting over your feelings
Is it really all that hard?
I just want to know if
my love, I should discard.

Why is love so intricate?
Why can't I just let go?
Why can't I just admit
that love's my only foe?

I used to love so much
way too much I guess.
I gave away my feelings
for love and nothing less.

I really don't know why
this love is much too hurtful.
I also don't understand why
I've always been this hopeful.

Stupid, it may seem
but I don't think it is at all.
I keep cursing LOVE itself.
It was the cause of my fall.

Is it really worth it?
To love and feel secure?
It would be nice if only
love was always pure.

Is it really worth it?
To fantasize about love?
Love is just a mere illusion
sent from up above.

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