On a dark and stormy night, Ashie was sitting by her computer, typing away when she heard a voice coming from her computer.

She didn't think anything of it for awhile then

It began talking to her.

Ashie screamed and ran away then locked herself in a cupboard.

Rachel, Ashie's older sista, walked out of her room to see what was going on when she saw the computer growing legs.

Rachel rubbed her eyes in disbelief.

Nothing happened when she rubbed her eyes,

Rachel runs to the bathroom to wash her eyes, but still nothing happens.

She then walked out the bathroom only to see the computer standing up with arms growing out.

Rachel screamed and ran to the cupboard but to her surprise Ashie was sitting in there already.

They both screamed "Argh!" Ashie grabbed Rach's arm and pulled her into the cupboard and locked the door when all of a sudden the door started to shake.

The computer was trying to open the cupboard door to get to the girls.

"Sis, sis what should we do?" asked Ashie, thinking Rachel would have an idea as she is the older one.

"Ashie, I don't know, pinch me sis maybe it's just a dream."

So Ashie pinched Rach but still nothing happened.

"Ash do it again! HURRY!" Rach screamed.

Ashie pinched Rach again, nothing happened.

"Arghhhhhhhh!" screamed Ash.

The lock was becoming loose.

"Let me in, let me in!" the computer screamed.

Steve arrived home to find the computer trying to get to the girls so Steve looked around to see what he could use to kill the computer. Steve got the chair and hit the computer over the head with it.

The computer fell to the ground laughing "mwahahahahaha, you cant kill me, I am going to take over the world."

Steve continued hitting the computer over the head but he still didn't die

"STOP IT!" The Computer yelled and began to cry.

Steve stopped hitting the computer and Rachel and Ashie got out of the cupboard.

"What do you want from us?" Ashie asked a bit scaredly.

"All I want .. Is a happy meal, for I am very sad." The Computer cried again.

"WELL, TOO BAD!" Steve, Ashie and Rachel screamed. Then they exploded.

"POOR BUGGERS!" The Computer screamed and wiped a tear from his eye.


By Ashie

Ended by Rachel*