This is about Kyle and Jake. It is part of school times and has the other characters in it as well. But this is focusing on their day.

Kyle was grinning like an idiot. Kat and Beth had come out. The hallway was all happy for them. Kyle looked passed Beth and Kat seeing Jeff. His smile grow bigger. Kyle knew he was gay. He also knew he like Jeff. Jeff was happy for the girls. So Kyle knew he wasn't against homosexuals. Kyle was grinning ear to ear. Thinking of what him and Jeff would look like. Mary's voice broke his thoughts.

"You look a little happy."

Kyle was about to make a cover when he saw she was talking to Beth. Who was laying between Kat's legs.

"Mmm hmm."

Kyle smiled. The two looked so sweet together. Beth drifted off to sleep. Kat running her fingers through her hair. Just beautiful.

Kyle decided he was going to tell Jeff how he felt. He was going to tell him today. Jeff got up from the floor and started to walk away. Snapping out of his thoughts Kyle Got up and went after him.

"Hey Jeff."


"That's so great about Kat and Beth eh?"

"Yeah they look happy."


"The floor."

"For the last time it's the ceiling."

"It's the floor."

"It's a ceiling."

"Look it's a floor because there's a floor there."

"But it's the ceiling for this floor."


"Fine it's a floor and a ceiling."

"Better. Not perfect but better."



Kyle started twidling his thumbs. He wanted to tell Jeff. But couldn't think of the words.

"What's up guy You look out of it."

"Um just thinking."

"Bout who?"

"Nothing. Wait what makes you think it's a person?"

"No reason."

"Well oddly enough your right."

"Sweet. So who is it?"

Kyle gulped. He was lost.

"Come on I wont laugh."

"Ok ok."


"Um... it' Gotta go bye!"

With that Kyle ran off. Jeff just stood there. Today was definetely a full day.


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