Kyle moved on top of Jeff. Lightly brushing his lips against Jeff's. He shuddered deepening the kiss. Jeff was not objecting at all. In fact, Jeff was pulling the boy closer.

Kyle opened his mouth and ran his tongue across Jeff's lips. Jeff opened them in response. Kyle did not waste anytime and attacked Jeff's mouth.

'Cough, Cough'

Kyle reluctantly tore away from Jeff and looked over his shoulder. He gasped as he saw the librarian glaring at them. Jeff was laughing as he grabbed Kyle's butt cheeks. Jeff raised lifting Kyle with him. With a playful look at the librarian, he ran down the aisle, charging straight towards the librarian. The librarian screamed and jumped out of the way.

Jeff was laughing hysterically as he ran into the hall. Kyle had him in a death grip. He stopped and looked back into the library seeing the librarian talking over the intercom.

"And the chase begins!"

With that said Jeff ran towards the stairwell. He started running down the stairs but lost his balance and tumbled down the rest of them. Kyle cried out in pain as each step hit him. Jeff was fairing no better and when they were at the bottom of the stairs they blacked out.