Mrs. Teltang went around the class handing out dolls.

"These dolls represent your kids. One of you will have to carry it around along with a baby bag containing the proper equipment for any real child. I will know if your not taking care of this baby. So make sure you do or else you will fail!'

Jake took the offered doll from Mrs. Teltang and muttered 'She'll know'. He started to twist and turn the doll seeming to be looking for something. Jake grinned and popped the doll's head off quietly. Inside the dolls head he found a tape recorder starring out the doll's eye and a microphone at either ear. Jake carefully put the doll's head back on its body.

He turned to Trish who was starring at him as though he was mad. Jake just smiled and scribbled a note telling her what he found. He slid it over to her and watched her read it.

Trish looked up shock evident in her eyes.