This is Beth and Kat's section. This is Part of School days and has the other characters in here as well. This is focused on their day

Beth sat inbetween Kat's legs. Head rested on her breasts. Beth thoughts were silent. She was enjoying it.

"You look at little happy."

"Mmm hmm."

Soon Beth drifted to sleep.


"Wake up hon."

Beth shifted and mubled something that Kat couldn't hear.

"Come on babe the bells gonna ring."


Beth jumped up from Kat's warm embrace. She looked at her watch. Seeing that there was only two mintutes 'til the bell she started freaking out.

"Oh my god! What am I going to do, I don't have my books, I don't have my bag! They're all downstairs! Oh my god! What the hell do I do! I'll be late for class I..."

Kat moved up to her rambling girlfriend. She leaned into Beth pressing their lips together. Beth shut up. Kat succeeded. She pulled away. Giggling as Beth just stared at her. Beth slowly opened her mouth.

"Is your class downstairs."


"Then I'll wait and walk you to class."

"What about being late?" Kat asked raising an eyebrow.

Beth just smiled. Kat quickly got her stuff from her locker. Beth stood behind her enjoying the view as Kat bent over. Kat got up putting her bag on one shoulder. I smiled.

"Lead the way."

Beth followed Kat to the stairwell. It was packed because class was about to start. They pushed their way through the crowds down the stairs. Kat took Beth to the far end of the school. Beth didn't know what class Kat had. But it must've been something to do with engineering or woodwork because of the area. Beth smiled thinking of her coming out from the bottom of a car all greased up.

"What?" Kat inquired


"What are you so glazed about?"

"Oh nothing."


Beth grinned helplessly. Kat took her to the door of her class. Beth hugged her tightly. Looking up Beth saw the teacher in the doorway.

"Heyo Teach."

"Hello Beth."

"How's life?"

"Good, good yourself?"

"Just peachy."

"Good, good."

"Well I have to get to class so..."

"Goodbye Beth."

"Bye Kat, bye teach."

"Bye sweetie."

Beth blushed as she rushed away. Kat was very open. It wasn't that Beth was ashamed or anything. But it was still a little embarassing especially in front of a teacher. It kinda made Beth nervous. She got to her locker. Beth started dialing the number.


It didn't open.



Yes it opened. Beth swore she'd have to write that down somewhere. She giggled packing up her stuff. Looking at her watch again as she closed the locker. Beth was late by five minutes already. Her class was upstairs on the other side. She groaned and trugged up the stairs.


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