CHAPTER ONE Introducing Tylen and Cember

"Fritz is gone."


"Fritz has been kidnapped."


"I miss Fritz."

"Your point is...?"

"We should find Fritz."

"That's a thought."

It had been twelve days since anybody noticed Fritz was gone. By the time Tylen realized the empty atmosphere around his house, he came to the conclusion that it was Fritz missing, and not something else just as meaningful, like a goldfish, or a watch battery. Tylen related Fritz to those things for two reasons; the guy usually glubbed, and despite the miniscule size of watch batteries, they're ridiculously expensive. You can imagine that despite Fritz's small form, he was ridiculously, ummm... stupid. Never you mind about the watch battery thing. Let's start over.

Fritz was like a goldfish. He glubbed. He was in no way shape or form like a watch battery, except that they're both small. But this is getting entirely off the point. The point is; Fritz was missing. Tylen knew it. And Cember was being sarcastic about it. Both of those sentences just mentioned are apparent, and are a complete waste of space for the whole proceeding story, but now they're stuck in your brain cells, so live with it. I'll repeat myself now.

Tylen knew it. And Cember was being sarcastic about it.

Now doesn't that just clear everything up for you? Not unless you had been LISTENING to all the RAMBLING I've been doing! Aha! Who's smart now? What did Tylen know? What was Cember being sarcastic about? You would know, now, wouldn't you? So I don't have to tell you. Onward.

"Fritz is missing," Tylen said.

"You're reapeating yourself," Cember grumbled.

"Oh, yes," Tylen replied. "I have already said that."

"And that you have," Cember answered haughtily.





"You go first."

"You said my name first!"

"Yes, but you see... in saying my name, you have reversed the questioning and therefore-"

"Will you be quiet!"


There was silence. Tylen twiddled his thumbs (or what he had of thumbs). Cember stared icily up at his playmate. Tylen started to whistle. Cember rolled his eyes. Tylen tapped his foot. Cember slapped his forehead.

"Yiiiiiigup!" Tylen bellowed, causing Cember to fall out of the tree he had been sitting in, that Tylen was still up in the branches of.

"What was that for!?" Cember roared, making claws with his hands and shimmying up the tree towards Tylen, who was scrambling desperately to get into the giant oak's upper thin branches.

"I just wanted to wake you up! Honestly! You were being BORING!" Tylen felt his foot get caught between two branches, and he shook the tree desperately to get it unstuck. "Nooooo!" he screeched, trying to bat Cember's claws away from his struggling leg.

"No, no, noooo!" Tylen yelped furiously, but to no avail. Next thing he knew, he was flying...