Chapter 6

I ran into the burning building that was our home and was shocked at the sight of what was occurring. In the burning wreck I could see all of our family heirlooms begin to melt and burn as the flames hit them. The sight was too horrible to see yet I couldn't turn away from them. My eyes stung with tears as I saw thousands of years of my family's history go up in flame and my sadness was quickly overcome by anger. I felt the anger rise in my chest and heart and wanted revenge for whoever had done this. As my mind filled with these thoughts of hatred and revenge I heard the clanging of swords and saw my fathers men fighting off the creatures that we knew were the vampires we were to hide from. I knew that the humans had no chance and my anger soon overtook me and I leapt into the fray. My eyes filled with tears, and heart filled with anger I ran at the closest of the rouges and grasped his throat. He soon stopped his attack on the human and turned to me swinging his sword as he attempted to break free. But it was all in vain, my grip on his throat was so great that as he turned my hand twisted his head off and his body fell limp to the floor. The fighting ceased and both humans and dhampir looked at me in shock. The humans out of fear that their kind prince had done something so brutal and the dhampir rouges out of the sight of seeing one of them being killed by a child, but they knew that I was no ordinary child. The leader of the group in the foyer stepped forward and shouted in the words of our ancient tongue "How is it possible for a child such as you to kill one who has had the blood of such strong vampires?" After he spoke I stooped down to retrieve the sword that had been carried by the recently dead weakling at my feet. With the sword in hand I spoke back saying in a voice thick with anger and sadness, "First let the humans go." The leader laughed as if I had just said something humorous but after a moment he stopped as he saw my darkened face. He shrugged and said, "Fine, we'll let them go. But once they are gone your blood is ours." I smirked and said, "You will find that I am no easy kill." After that I turned to the humans and shouted "All of you find any survivors and get the Hel out of here." The humans nodded yet did not move. Annoyed by their ignorance I let out a bestial roar like that of a lion. The sound of the roar shook them from their daze and ran to do as I ordered. With them gone I turned to the rouges in front of me, "Now I shall tell you who I am." I raised the sword into a defensive position and said, "I am Alvis. , son of Tiwaz, third of our kind, and his wife Freya. My father is the advisor of our Lord Kahn. And the strength of the ancients is more than a match for you." The leader smirked and swung his sword forward and the rouges that were under his command attacked me. Thee first tried an aerial attack by climbing up the walls and dropping from the ceiling. I laughed at the attempt and easily jumped back just before he hit me and then ran my stolen sword through his neck and popped his head off. The next two tried a similar approach but they came off the walls in an attempt to kill me from the back and front. It was a stupid attempt and they were easily killed by my stabbing the one behind me through his stomach and sliced him in half and the swung in an upward arch to separate the one in front of me from the groin up. By the time those three were killed my clothing was covered in blood and internal organs. The only enemy that remained was the leader, abandoned by his men and scared out of his wits but stood his ground. He smiled at me and said, "You truly are an impressive specimen. I may die but I vowed to lay my life down for my queen Rangda." I looked at him in curiosity and asked "How is it possible for your master to be of the east when we are in the western lands and the battle of which many of you were conceived of took place here." He only laughed and said "It is quite a long story and I am afraid that if you are to save your family you must kill me since it is almost time for us to leave." With that said he ran towards me with such speed that I barely had time to prepare for the attack. As the beings sword hit my own I could feel his strength radiate off him and knew that he was an excellent opponent for me to face. His skill with the sword was sloppy but I could tell that he was an experienced fighter. Well, experienced in unarmed since he swung the sword in a hopeless attempt to kill me but he was surprisingly strong and was able to catch me off guard. I smiled as he pushed me towards the floor bending my knees and causing my muscles to strain. He thought he had the upper hand but the smile caused him to lose focus and I slipped my sword from under his and rolled out of the way just before his sword severed my ear from my head. As I rolled he followed me and swung down but my reflexes were greater than his and easily countered with a slice to the stomach. He grimaced in pain but smiled as he took his hand and collected some blood before drinking it. He laughed rather loud and maniacally, as I stood there poised for battle watching his face take a disgusting form as he laughed. It seemed to take forever for him to shut up but he soon stopped and said, "You are truly a child of an ancient. And I shall enjoy feasting on your blood." He then charged at me and swung so hard that his sword cut through the stone floor as I dodged the blow. This worked to my advantage as he was soon struggling to get the sword out of the stone giving me the time to attack his throat from the back allowing me to begin drinking his blood without worrying of an attack. It was the first time I had ever drank blood and it was exhilarating. The power that this man had was incredible. It was as if he was centuries old and I was gaining all of the powers that I would never gain. But I could feel that all this one had was strong physical powers and although I would need these, the mental abilities were far more valuable. I felt his strength leave him as the blood quickly left his body and he was soon nothing more than a pale husk of former living flesh. When I was finished I let his body drop to the floor and swung my sword down to remove his head. When his head was finally detached from his body and thrown into flame I heard a loud scream from the second floor of the house in the direction of my family's quarters. I quickly ran towards one of the stairwells and ran full speed up the stairs and was soon met with the sight of my father struggling against an incredibly powerful man. The man fighting my father was huge and he seemed to fill the entire corridor with his presence and was forcing my father to take the defensive.

"Father!" I shouted as I saw him fighting. He turned to me but quickly turned back to the task he was in the middle of while shouting "Alvis, find your mother and sister and get them out of here!" I opened my mouth to argue but was silenced by him saying, "Don't worry about me. I'll take care of him and meet up with you. But if I don't, take care of your mother and sister." I tried to shout back but he was too involved in his battle and I knew he needed all of his concentration to battle. So I did all I could do and that was run towards my parent's room. On my way however, I was blessed to have passed by my room and ran in to grab my sword. Upon grabbing it I looked at it and thought to myself It's time to see if you're worth keeping. The sword seemed to glint in response to what I thought. I smiled knowing that this sword was going to allow me to live long enough to avenge my people. I dropped the sword of the dhampir I had slain and rushed off with the sword that I had received only that day to see if it was a well made as my aunt had proclaimed and to sharpen its edges with the blood of the person responsible for the carnage that had occurred that night. As I ran towards my parent's room I heard the screams of my mother and immediately thought the worse and was met with a disturbing sight upon reaching the door of hers and my fathers room. The sight I was met with was a tall woman standing in front of the window to my parent's room, clothed in regal robes and a pale face. Her skin was as pale as the moon and her arms weren't well muscled yet did not have a threatening look to them except for her long fingers and somewhat long nails. Her eyelids were painted black and her lips colored blood red. Her face seemed almost inhuman except for the fact that she wore a look of extreme pride and excitement as she saw my mother cringing on the floor and screaming. It was at that point that I saw my sister in the woman's arms screaming and trying to kick her way out of the iron grip that held her captive. My blood boiled at the sight of my sister being treated in such a horrible way. Not just because she was my sister but the fact that she was a child, and arrogant to all of the events that had brought this evening about made it even more disgusting than it already was. I had finally had enough of this woman's own revenge driven attack. I was about to attack but her eyes shifted from my mother towards me. I knew that her vampiric abilities made her acknowledge my presence and as her cold eyes met my own I knew that this woman would haunt my life for as long as I was alive. She smiled at me and said, "So, you are the son of Tiwaz. You're life is known to me as well as the members of my men since it was one of them that was able to infiltrate your home and make this ambush possible." My blood boiled as she spoke. Her voice was like the arctic breezes that blew through my ancient home during the winters. Just the sound of it seemed to stab your very soul. I was afraid but stood my ground and replied. "Yes, I am called Alvis and am the oldest child of my parents. My father is the advisor of the master, Kahn. And you, I suppose are Rangda?" She smirked slightly. It was a small one yet it showed her fangs and made her look even more demonic. As she smiled I felt my courage begin to wain but still held my ground and said, "You should be more selective of your followers. The ones in the dining hall posed almost no challenge to me. Except for the leader who gave me a bit of a hard time, and I must say as a first meal he was worth not severing the head of." She smiled even more broadly at my remark and walked towards me as the room continued to burn. I was surprised that the floorboards hadn't given away, but I guess that is one of the many advantages of your father making his home out of stone. But, I guess my two millennia of trying to kill this woman has made me wish that I had died in that burning building. I stood there as she walked towards me and raised my sword to a defensive position and waited for her to attack me.

The laugh that came from her was the vilest thing that I have ever heard in my life. It was high, shrilled and extremely cold and seemed to make my ears bleed from the mere sound of it. When she finished she looked at me and said, "You must be very confident in your powers to think that you could harm me, especially since I hold your sister in my arms. If you feel that you are able to hit me instead of her then attack me and we shall see." I hesitated and my mother shouting, "Alvis, don't you'll kill Skadi!" I stared down at her and smirked and she seemed to quiet down just cry silently as she watched her two children for what she and I thought would be the last time ever and no mother should ever have to go through what she did. Once my mother had quieted down I bent my legs a little and moved my swords hilt to the right side of my face, pointed the tip at her and said, "If you wish to feel the steel of my blade then I am not one to deny people what they ask of me." And with that sentence ending I lunged at the Asian vampire queen and aimed my blades point directly between her eyes and thrust forward in the hope that It would go through her head and severe her brains contact to the rest of her body, but false hope is the downfall of many. As the blades distance went from two feet to two centimeters my body was hit with an invisible shield and I was thrown back from my enemy that drained my young hybrid body of all its strength and felt the cold stone of the house cave in under the force of my body colliding with the strong material My mother's screams were barely audible as I struck the wall and collapsed to the floor completely drained and in pain since some of my bones had been broken upon impact. While lying there on the floor staring at the burning ceiling I could feel my sight begin to dim and my mind grow hazy as I began to lose consciousness, Rangda came over to my limp form with my mother slung over one shoulder and my sister under her other arm. My sister was still wearing her necklace and I noticed a hint of gold under her captor's robes and by the shape I knew it was her dagger. I felt nothing but pure hatred as I felt my mind slip and all I heard was "They will be spared but you however will die. But if you should live I will be waiting for you to actually put up a decent fight." The words brought some comfort but before I could curse her I slipped into an almost deathlike slumber and waited death, but my wish was for death was denied to me and I the inferno had no claim to me, instead I was to be punished with the life I now have.