It was hard for her, standing on top of the tall tower she looked out across the vast land, once lush and green, now dark and black, burnt from years of evil. Sarmia hadn't seen her homeland in a lighted view since before she changed. She never would. Memories were all that kept her from going crazy, yet memories seemed to be all that kept her from being sane.

"And stay in your chamber until I fetch someone for you! You have broken way too many rules Sarmia! I will not take one more disobedience! Tomorrow, the sun will rise and you will too, embarrassed at how you acted towards the man I choose you to marry. YOU ARE LUCKY! That he has seen it in his heart to forgive the insults you threw at him and will continue with the marriage," and with that, King Erml slammed Sarmia's mahogany door shut and thomped away. Sarmia, her eyes always glistening unusually, sat at the edge of her trunk, her emerald green gown tucked away beneath her chubby legs.**A/N~Picture her as Kelly Osborne, that's the only way I can describe her** "I'll show him," she muttered, her short blonde hair **A/N~Kelly Osborne once again** laid jagged across her pale face. "If he thinks for one second I'm marrying that greedy, dirty PERVERTED OLD MAN! Than he has another thing coming." And with that she stood up, grabbed a bag, opened her trunk, stuffed some clothes, a bag of gold, her mother's old diamond necklace and a small green emerald dagger inside, and escaped threw her bedside window, off into the night. Little did she know, that she had spoken to her uncle for the very last time, and that her days as a human were numbered.