For What is Revolution?
by Katie Eickhoff
AKA Nuri-chan, Hotaru-chan

Notes: This was partly inspired by Shoujo Kakumei Utena (or in english Revolutionary Girl Utena) but mostly my own creation, and desire to write something about Revolution using themes from the show. So yes, it is Original! Also inspired by the boredom of Earth Science...where the creative mind is always at work-even if asleep.

For What is Revolution?

The Word hangs on silent lips
A Prayer to the world, a desperate plea
The dying Words of a grown adult
The tired Word escapes his lips

The torn buildings and pressure points
Aftermath of War
A destroyed Earth
They curse the Word

The distant cry of heros
Against the smile of Rebellion
Rises and Falls
Against the line of Fire
Of Revolution

The quiet musings of a child
Playing in the sand
Looking up at the tearful sky
Setting up his army men
For Revolution

The mastermind of the others
Forced to think for the rest
Resisting the temptation to overkill
In a battle, in a War
In a Revolution

The bloodstained uniform
Of a Soldier
Who came to die
To feed the monster
Called Revolution

Swords clash and the Final two
Battle to the Death
To decide the fate of the world
And to what Direction
Revolution takes

One will use the power
Two must fight
She for Friendship and the Just
The other for Himself and Power

Revolution stands near by
Revolution watches with intent
Revolution holds in her power
Revolution keeps divine fate
Pity, Revolution

The red dismal blood flows
From the Selfish one
Now to walk through
The Tired Word

And now She waits
For the next uprising
For the Fight of the Just
She will oversee
My Revolution