Tangerine Dream

Orange rays scorched the hushed land. Dipping over the horizon, the sun waved a silent goodbye to the day as he retired for the night, letting the moon carry out her duty to bring in the night. Teal eyes gazed on as the bittersweet transition took place. On his special little hill wrapped in solitude, the boy looked on as the wind danced through strands of platinum blond hair.

Yes. he was alone. He'd always known that yet never wanted to admit it to himself. Being lonely was normal. Everyone was alone in his or her own sense. Even the most popular beings could be alone. So, of course a being in solitary confinement would also be alone; but he hated to think that way of himself.

He knelt to the ground, slowly sitting as he continued to watch the sun set. Glancing to his hands, they were also tinged oranges by the radiant drowning sun. Everything was in an orange hue, like fire had been set ablaze in his small little world. Examining the sandy desert beneath him where he sat, those sea green eyes fell to rest on a small bud of a plant.

'I'm not alone.' the boy thought with determination, crawling over to get a better look at the small green vegetation. The wind streamed across his body as he got closer, cutting through the baggy fabric of his white robe, and whispering in his ears. In all the years he'd been abandoned to the desert, nothing had ever grown. He'd never been graced by the presence of anything so small and fragile and so beautiful.

The process of growth was quick. Much quicker than the setting of the sun and the rising of the moon, the only thing he could compare the time to. The small green bud grew larger, leaves stemming off of it at such a rapid pace. Growing bigger and larger till the length was about that of his hand.

A small flower was blooming; periwinkle petals that felt like silk against his slender fingertips. Eyes widened at the pure beauty of it, isolated, like him. The only of its kind. Alone yet remaining pure forever. Never faced with anything that could taint its innocence.

Alone the boy sat, hair tinged an orange from its usual fair color. But the boy was alone no longer. Because with him, was a friend. Words were not needed; communication was uncalled for. Silence spoke volumes, and the silence was another of his friends. The sun had finally paid its last respects to the daylight and the stars were trying to find a place to poke through in the veil of blue darkness that was beginning to set in. It would only be a moment before the Goddess of Night would hang her head in the sky, smiling down on everything from a tilted angle.

His home, his precious, sacred, pure hill was where he would see it all from. His little home that nothing could ever touch but him. But to his surprise, today was different. Something had entered his abode, and he now had a new friend. Life was strange like that wasn't it, even for creatures cast out of the real world where such little wonders were taken for granted.

He stayed awake as he watched the moon's graceful arch form in the sky, her gentle beams washing the land in a soft blue. It was so different than the loud, outspoken sun that brightened the land with his garish light. The moon was tender, healing all those whom gazed upon her with her melodious love.

No sound was made, except for the ceaseless breeze billowing in his white robe. No need was there for words, because they all spoke to each other in their own taciturn language. Teal eyes gazed back down at the small flower, a little smile turning on his lips. Tranquillity washed through him and all he could think of was the serene beauty of the moon, the innocence of the petite blossom, the placid breeze. and they all combined together to make him light headed and his balance wavered. Those sea green eyes shut and he thought no more. But finally at last, he was happy.