The Cat And The Christmas Tree

Humans are one thing I don't understand
Like, last week, this tree suddenly appeared in the lounge
All hung about with shiny balls
Just begging to be played with
But am I allowed to touch them? Oh no!
The second I go near this tree it's:
"Bad cat! Leave it alone!"
And I'm booted out the door
Funny, I thought trees were there for cats to climb
So why is this one different?
And why do humans insist on keeping it indoors?
Isn't the garden good enough?
And what's the deal with all those shiny balls
That I'm not allowed to touch?
It's not just this strange tree either
They've hung sparkly stuff on the walls, put holly in the vases
They've even put lights in my favourite watching tree
And for what purpose?
No, I don't understand these humans