Mini Tales for the Bus of Insanity

Story One

Title: Christmas Tidings
Addi – Mo's Cousin

Mo – The Bus Driver/Creator

Sage – 2nd in Command

Vanessa – 3rd in Command, coming in later chapters of regular story

Kerry – Sage's boyfriend, coming in chapter 8 of regular story

Nate – Mo's boyfriend

A/n: Okay, so it's not totally insane but it has a Christmas cheer to it.

"It's snowing!" I shouted looking out of the window of the Bus. "Wow…it's so beautiful." It was dark but the lights of the highway lit up the ever drifting snow.

Sage snorted. "Just like you to get sentimental over something as common as snow." She leaned against the wheel as she drove down the empty highway. A dreamy look crossed her face.

Kerry laughed and hugged Sage. "Look who's talking." Sage snorted again. I'd swear those two could read each other's mind at times. Almost like my Nate and me.

Nate like usual was seated in the seat closest to mine and had his nose stuck in a book. The Lost Years of Merlin series by T.A. Barren. I love those stories! I know Nate was just as drawn into them as I was. Vanessa, the coolest adult in the world that is not related to me, was playing cards with my coolest cousin, Addi.

I had my nose pressed against the window as I noticed the snow was really piling up. "Hmmm…" My first thought was to go outside and play in it but then my reality mind kicked it and thought it was not wise to play in traffic or at least not in the middle of a vacant highway. We were driving through Canada though I think we were lost. It was rather fun.

Addi snickered evilly and laid down her cards. "Royal flush. I win."

Vanessa sighed. "Fine…I give up. I've lost every time I've played against you…I don't even know why I try." She walked away from the little table and sat next to me.

Let me explain about the little table, I had refurnished the bus to my likings. The back had four small tables plus the big frig and bathroom. Along the sides of the back were couches or booths to sit on while you ate. I also had a forty-four inch TV above the frig so you could whatever on the satellite that was hooked up to only that TV. Then started the rows of chairs like any normal bus would have. There were like seventy one seats when we started out. We now had only about fifty of them still installed. It was a rather comforty Bus of Insanity.

"Snow…" I mumbled still gazing out the window.

Vanessa smiled. "Yup, isn't it pretty?"

I nodded. "I love snow…" I climbed over the back of my seat and jumped onto Nate's lap. "Merry Christmas!" I said cheerfully.

He smiled, "But Christmas is tomorrow. It's only the Eve of a such a day." He gently wrapped his strong arms around my waist.

I shrugged. "So? It's still a wonderful day!" I smiled happily and jumped out of the seat, dragging Nate with me. "Hehehehe."

"Eek! It's giggling! Everyone run!" Vanessa yelled laughing.

I smiled mischievously as I stuck a CD into the CD player. I turned the song number to seven. 'A Mad Russian's Christmas' by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra blasted through out the speakers. All of a sudden the floor dropped out from under us.

"DAGNABIT! HANG ON!" Sage yelled. The breaks squealed as Sage tried to regain control of the bus. "I HATE ICE!"

I screamed and looked for Nate. He had fallen into the door. The force of the spinning of the Bus sent me flying into him. I clung to him as I whimpered into his shirt. He held tight to me as he braced himself against the door.

Vanessa screamed. I couldn't see her but I bet she was clinging to her seat. Kerry yelped as he held onto Sage's chair.

Sage yelled something as the Bus did a 360 into a back of snow. The whole font part of the Bus was stuck in the snow. It seemed we wouldn't be going anywhere for the time being.

The lights flickered. "DANGNABIT NO! I NEED MY LIGHTS!" She yelled kicking the Bus. "GIMME MY LIGHTS!" The lights flickered back on. She sighed a breath of relief. The lights went out again.

I screamed and held onto Nate. He wisphered, "Shh, it's all right. We'll be fine." His warm breath tickled my ear. I giggled softly and sighed. He would protect me.

Sage cursed as she beat the Bus. "WORK DAMN IT WORK!" The lights flickered on. "You better stay on or else the Pie Queen will get ya." She snarled. The lights flickered once but stayed on. "Hehe. I win."

I pulled Nate out from the doorway and surveyed my nice big bus. Everything seemed in order. "Wee!" I hugged Nate. "Everyone's all right!" The stereo skipped back on. 'Green sleeves' started to play. I looked up at Nate. "Makes you wanna settle down next to a cozy fire, don't it?" He smiled and nodded. He was a man of few words and that was why I loved him.

Sage sighed. "Well…we aren't gonna go anywhere in this…There's a storm brewing and we're stuck in a snow back…" She flopped down next to Kerry and leaned against him.

"Well, look to the bright side. At least we won't be lonely or die of starvation." He said tugging on her hair. She snorted but said nothing more.

"Yo, V!" I shouted looking for her. "Where'd you go?" Something tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a fizzy haired zombie! "NEEK! It's a Fizzy Haired V Clone Zombie!" She looked at me blankly. "Wha?" Then her hand connected with my face. I fell over backwards. (Imagine this . on me)

"Kyousha...I always look this pale..." She sighed and sat down on the top of her seat.

"Neee…." Was my only reply.

Sage snickered. "Baka."

Addi also snickered and poked me in the side.

"EEK!" I sat up and kicked her. "You fiend!" I pulled out my frying pan. "You shall pay for the crime you have done!"

Addi pulled out her Vash gun. "Hehehehe, do you really wanna be matched against me?"

"Blah…" I put away my frying pan and bounced to the back. "Well, since we're stuck…" I pressed a button and the frig/TV changed into a fireplace and Christmas tree. Piles of gifts lay under the tree. "I have gifties!"

"You make up the oddest words…" Vanessa mumbled. She and the rest wandered to the back of the bus.

"Baka, what are you up to?" Sage wondered looking at the gifts.

I started to hand out gifts. "Gifts to all!" After I gave everyone but Vanessa one I sat on a coach. "Open!"

"And how do I know that it won't explode in my face?" Addi asked as she shook it. She shrugged and ripped it open. "Dude! Bullets! Sweeeet!" She hugged them and made scary little sounds.

Sage opened her. Her eyes sparkled. She carefully held out her gift. "It's so beautiful…" She squeezed it. It squeaked. "It even Squeaks…" What she had was a Fuzzy Squeaky Flaming Apple Pie of Kalamazoo. "How did you…"

I shrugged. "I was bored. So I made it." She made squeaky noises as she hugged the pie.

Kerry opened his present next. "FINAL FANTASY TACTICS!" He jumped up and hugged me. He started to make the same noises as the other two.

Nate was the last to open his gift. He ripped off the paper and pulled out a box. "Hmmm…" He opened it and nearly squealed too. I had given him a hand made outfit of the Fire Master from Unlabeled Fantasy. He all ready had the swords and now he had the set. He smiled and swooped me up in his arms. "Thank you." He wisphered softly.

I giggled as he set me back down. He walked into the bathroom to change into it. I looked towards Vanessa. "I have a special gift for ya." I reached down and pressed another button. Out of a little hole came a small box with an open lid. "Go ahead and look."

She walked over and looked curiously into the box. "OH MY!" She scoped up a miniature dachshund puppy. She hugged it gently. "I shall call him Baal!" She gently stuck him into a large inside pocket of her black leather trench coat. "He fits perfectly!"

I smiled happily. "Dig in into the other presents." I leaned back as Sage, Addi, and Kerry dived into the presents. Vanessa was to busy playing with Baal on the floor and Nate was still changing. Nate eventually came out and we started to sing Christmas corals with the music. It was a cozy little get together.

One by one, we dropped like bugs into sleep. Vanessa was asleep on the floor by the tree and Baal was curled up in her arm. Sage was asleep against Kerry's shoulder. He was leaning around the back wall by the fireplace. Addi had curled up happily with her new toys. She now had a Caster Gun from Outlaw Star, a reverse blade sword from Kenshin, a mini Eva and Death scythe to play with, and a staff like the one Raistlen had from Dragonlance.

I curled up next to Nate in his samurai outfit. He looked so cute! Thank goodness though he wasn't wearing his swords. He wrapped his arm around me and I drifted asleep in his embrace.

I woke up last the next morning, still leaning against Nate. He was reading a book like usual. "Mmm…" I sniffed the air. "Cookies?" I blinked and sat up. Vanessa had probably poked a buttons and the kitchen set was turned on. She was baking. "Foooood…." I drooled.

Baal barked at me and Vanessa looked up from her cooking. "G'Morning Kyousha."

I smiled happily like always. "Wonderful morning, ne?"

"You mean afternoon twit." Sage smiled at me, squeaking her pie. "It's two pm."

I laughed. I slept in like usual. "Well, okay." I heard this grinding noise from outside the Bus. "What the heck?"

Sage smirked. "No worries. Only Kerry and Addi."

I jumped out of my seat and grabbed Sage by the shoulders. "You let Addi near my wiring!?" I bounced down the open hatch to the storage bin. "ADDI! GET AWAY FROM MY WIRING!" I shouted as I bounced out of the bin and into the blinding snow. "Neek…"

Addi laughed and flipped on a hill Billy accent. "I ain't doin' nothin' to yer dang bus."

"Now that was scary…" I mumbled. She was a master at different accents and things of the like.

"Ah-ha!" Kerry yelled in triumph. "Sage, try backing out now." The suddenly spun and the Bus began to roll backwards. "YAHOO! I DID IT! I DID IT! I'M A GENIUS!"

I snorted and bounced into the storage bin as the Bus rolled back onto the highway. "Nice Sage…" I mumbled as I popped up right by Vanessa. "Food?"

She whacked me with her cooking ladle, "Back you food stanching fiend!"

"Neep…" Baal barked at me. "NEEP!" I bounced up onto the couch. Eventually I got my food and we were rolling down the highway.

"Numm…" I mumbled eating the quesadilla Vanessa made me.

She laughed and hugged Baal. "I didn't give you anything for Christmas…" She mumbled petting her new puppy. I shrugged.

"Neither did I." Sage said. "Though what would I get the overly happy nutcase?" She called from the front. "Chocolate? Books?" I nodded still munching. Kerry and Addi mumbled their sorry's too.

I gulped down the last of the food. "Why are you people sorry?"

"We got you no gift…"Kerry mumbled.

I shrugged. "So…?"

"Don't ya feel left out though?" Addi asked playing her new Caster gun.

I shrugged again still smiling like always. "Actually, being with you five people made my Christmas wonderful!" I jumped up and hugged Vanessa first. "Thanks for helping me write my stories! I probably woulda never have gotten as good as I am without you're guidance!"

She mumbled, "It was nothing…really."

I smiled, "Sure it was." I pulled her hair.

I bounced over to Addi and swung her around. "And you." I laughed, "How could I survive without my Evil Psycho cousin?" I hugged her. "What would I do without you…" She shrugged and yanked my hair with a smile.

I let her go and looked towards Kerry. He backed away from me. "No hugs."

I smiled and just patted him on the back. "Whatever dude. You're the only one I know that can control that Evil Psycho up there,"
"HEY!" Sage shouted.

"And for that I'm thankful I have ya here." I ruffled his hair and crept to the front.

I jumped and tackled-hugged Sage. "And you, you nutty Queen, my life would be boring as heck without you." The Bus swerved to the right.

"BAKA GET OFF ME!" She shouted she regained control of the Bus.

I laughed and yanked her hair. "Sagey Sage!"

She growled, "Call me that again and I WILL kill you."

I smiled and nodded and hopped to the back. "See? Just being here with all of you is a gift on it's own. I really don't care if you gave anything to me or not. I value your friendship more then anything you could give me."

Nate cleared his throat behind me. "Mo…I do have something for you."

"Hmm?" I turned around and he handed me a box. "Hmm." I opened it up and found the prettiest necklace. It was a silver heart with a gold cross in the middle. "Wow…"

"Open up the heart." He wisphered, brushing my hair out of my face.

I carefully opened the little heart. Inside it was a picture of Nate and me. It was from my high school graduation. "Nate…you didn't have to…"

He shrugged. "You're last necklace I gave you in eighth recently broke so…I sorta guessed you may have wanted a new necklace."

I sniffled.

"Ah dang it. It's gonna get all huggy and it's gonna cry." Sage mumbled from the front.

I didn't cry but I did hug Nate. "You really didn't have to…"

He chuckled. "But I wanted to, my dear."

I let go and took the necklace out of the box. I unclasped the hook then put it on. "It's lovely." I mumbled playing with it. I turned to my friends. "Now, this doesn't mean that you have to buy me anything but…" I turned to Vanessa. "Could you make me another of your quesadilla's?"

She laughed. "Sure, Kyousha. If ya want."

I squealed and gave her a hug. "Thank you! They're just so good!" She just laughed and made me another one.

"Save the food!" I yelled jumping onto the top of two chairs. I waved around my frying pan and giggled. "Thank you all for a great Christmas! You're all the best!"

The necklace caught a bit of the sunlight and the cross reflected and was enlarged against the back wall where Vanessa was cooking. It was gone as fast as it came but it was a reminder of why this day was a day of thanksgiving.

I smiled to myself and looked around the Bus. Nate was reading. Addi was playing with her guns. Vanessa was cooking. Sage was driving and Kerry was sitting behind her talking. I gently held the charm in my hand and thanked God for the friends I had.

A/n: Weeee! Well…that took all night. Well, okay four hours. I had help from Vanessa. She's so cool! I hope ya all like! If you haven't, please go read the Bus of Insanity! I'm sure you'll like it if you liked this! ::bounces off to chat some more to Vanessa:: Weeee!