A Point of No Return

Chapter 75

It was two months after their wedding anniversary when Mel started suffering from constant vomiting two weeks in the row during the nights and she was gradually loosing a lot of sleep and soon her appetite.

Initially, Mel thought it was a relapse of her old-time gastric problem and refused to see a doctor. Mrs. Li was thinking otherwise and upon her insistence, Wai Kok had no choice but to drag Mel for a throughout checkup before his mother reaching full blast in her nagging skill.


Both Mel and Wai Kok were dumbfounded when the doctor had confirmed Mel's pregnancy after reading through the report.

"Are you sure you've not mistaken other's report for mine?" Mel questioned out, trying hard to reconfirm the good news.

"You are indeed pregnant, Mrs. Li." The doctor assured as she put her hands over Mel's. "It's a miracle if you ask me."

Mel's eyes were swelled with tears and Wai Kok quickly put his arm around her and pulled her into his embrace. "Stop crying…you are going to be the happiest mother in the world." Wai Kok cooed and placed a light peck on Mel's hair.

"Yes…I am." Mel sniffed, burying her head inside her husband's embrace.

Mel's morning sickness persisted even after her third month of pregnancy and thus she decided to quit her job, a decision which both Wai Kok and especially Mrs. Li was glad about.

Undoubtedly, Mrs. Li was the happiest mother-in-law when she learnt about the news and the strained relationship between Wai Kok and his mother was slowly restored since the only problem was no longer a problem anymore. Of course, Mel was just happy to enjoy all those silent moments at home.

"You've quitted your job?" A familiar voice was projecting out from the other end of the line when Mel answered to the phone call.

"Yes." Mel paused and cleared her throat before continuing, "May I know from whom you have gotten my mobile number?" There was a short guilty pause at the other end, "Never underestimate the power of money."

"Money isn't everything and there are still things money just cannot buy." Mel remarked solemnly.

"I know." Sam let out a sigh, knowing what Mel was referring to. "So, since you've quitted your current job, does that mean…"

"I am pregnant, Sam." Mel quickly interjected and much to her anticipation, the line was cut off immediately after she finished her words and that was the first and last phone call she had received from Samuel Young.

As according to the doctor's report, the cause of the miscarriage was due to long hours of flying from Singapore to America and Mel was blaming herself for her own stubbornness for not listening to her mother-in-law when she insisted her to stay in Singapore.

"It's my fault." Mel mumbled out with a blank expression which she had been putting on for the past one week.

"No, it's not." Wai Kok quickly comforted, "Now be good and open your mouth…ahh…"

Wai Kok brought a spoonful of porridge near to her mouth but Mel simply refused to open her mouth. For the past few days, Mel had been relying on drip as her the source of her energy because she simply refused to take in any solid food and it was breaking Wai Kok's heart to see Mel still immersing in those past ordeals and yet he was not able to do much to help her overcome them.

"Mother, why are you here?" Wai Kok was nearly loss for words when he turned to see who was opening the door. Mrs. Li did not answer and her attention was fully focused on her distraught looking daughter-in-law who obviously couldn't recognize her even though their eyes were meeting.

As a matter of fact, Mrs. Li had suffered a greater blow than Mel, especially after she had just learnt from the doctor that this was Mel's second miscarriage.

"Both of you were supposed to be back last week. Do you know how worried I was?" Mrs. Li finally spoke.

"Not even a call to let me know whether you two are okay or not…" Mrs. Li narrowed her eyes and glared angrily at her son.

"I have to come all the way to America to find out that you have married such an indecent woman!"

"She is a decent lady." Wai Kok quickly jumped into Mel's defense.

"A decent woman wouldn't have a miscarriage even before her marriage." Mrs. Li rebutted.

"She has her own reasons for that."

"No more excuses. You are the eldest son in the family and you should know that the greatest infidelity is failing to carry on with the family's name. Now, she is like an egg-less hen, even if she can conceive, I wouldn't want an indecent woman to carry the child for the Li family. I want you to divorce her when we are back in Singapore!" Mrs. Li demanded.

"Mother, I married her because I love her, not because I want her to give birth." Wai Kok remarked disapprovingly despite he already knew this was how his mother would react upon knowing the truth.

"I don't wish to continue this discussion with you. It will lead to nowhere because there is no way that I am going to divorce Mel." Wai Kok said.

"Are you trying to drive me to my grave?" Mrs. Li was practically screaming into her son's ears before she stomped out of the ward.

to be continued