"Mark, Don, It's dinner time." their mother shouted from the house.

"Yes, Mommy." Mark shouted right back, turned to Don, "Leave it here."

Don left a few baby birds and ran after Tom, didn't try to put the birds to their nest, as they both never did.

"Can we have candies for our dessert?" Mark and Don questioned

"Yes, but not so much." Sally said as she put cream into her coffee. Alone, raised those boys and own an apple farm were such hard work. But nothing she could do with it since her husband had left when Don was only one year old, said that he had to do something for his nation and failed to come back. And he left Mark, his son with his first wife, with Sally. But she really loved Mark and he seemed to get along well with Don, who was Mark's two-year-junior. Finally they became like mate.

For sometimes Sally had to work part-time at the hotel to earn her family. At that time the most thing she wanted was her farm become the lush apple farm and bring a lot of money to her.

Tomorrow Mark and Don went to the big tree in the farm. Don was too excited since this time Mark would let him steal the birds alone. They played a lot and felt very tried. Finally they fell asleep.

Mark woke up and found themselves tied up with the tree. "Don!" he called in shocked

"What?" Don said sleepily. "Oh God," he was taken aback too.

"Ha, Ha," They heard the louder laughter coming over them.

"What is it?" Mark asked in fear and saw the big yellow bird with red eyes laughing.

" you?" Mark repeated.

The big bird stopped laughing, "I'm the king."

"The king what?" Don asked

"Fool." the big bird snapped, "This is kingdom of birds and I .am .the .king."

There was an uneasy silence while Mark and Don looked at each other. Then the big bird went on, " You two are naughty boys. You always steal our kids and now I want you to know how you feel when .. . ."

They could do nothing but crying out loud.

"Stop!" the big bird yelled. "If you are good boys, this won't happen." But the more the big bird said, the more they cried. "Stop! Or I gonna eat you."

"No." they cried and closed their eyes tight. "MOMMY!"

When they opened their eyes, the big yellow bird had gone and they were lying under the big tree. It took a while for them to realize it's just a dream. They ran as fast as they could to go back to their mother.

Sally was reading Sunday papers on the armchair when they ran to her.

"What's going on, honey?"

"I love you, mommy." said Mark as they hug her tight. "I promise to be the good boy."

"Me too" Don added quickly.

"Really?" she smiled and said in kindly voice. "I love you both soooo much."

Then they hug each other happily.