Chapter 1

"Oh do come on sweetie!" said the exasperated voice of Mrs Edwards, who in her hundred dollar work suit glanced back down the couple of steps to her exhausted daughter. Mrs Edwards by far the most affluent and classy person in this United States was widely known not to be the best of mothers. She was well brought up and disciplined, now with a daughter of her own, she tried relentlessly to make her only daughter follow in her footsteps. So naturally the most obvious thing to do was bring her daughter with her to work.

Alexandra looked up to her mother breathing in and out heavily, frowned deeply making creases on her smooth tanned skin. "Mother we have been walking up these steps for god knows how long where exactly is your office?"

Alexandra said in between her deep breaths. Alexandra was 18 the age her mother said was the beginning of your life, she had long straight dead copper coloured hair and a body to die for. With Mrs Edwards as a mother who wouldn't have such a gorgeous figure. Her brilliant lime green eyes stared fixated on her mother.

She said, angrily in a more stern voice to her mother "I do have better things to occupy my time with then walking up countless stairs mother!"

That was a ludicrous idea indeed seeing as how Alexandra's friends didn't really like her and even with her looks no boy would go near her since they knew who her mother was. She cursed quietly under her breath at her so called friends "snobs".

Mrs Edwards shook her head and looked down with a weary sigh; she gracefully put a hand upon her forehead. "What did I do to deserve this? I'm trying to teach you the ways of my company to help you sweetie, you do not have to treat me in such an impertinent manner."

Mrs Edward starts again turning around walking up the stairs until she got to the top floor, Alexandra cursed under her breath again saying something her mother might not have liked to hear. She looked to her mother who was walking so confidently. Alexandra had always vowed to never grow up into a dried up spinster like her mother. Always so calm and collected, always so dreary.

Alexandra thanked the lord numerous times as she finally reached her mothers office wondering why she couldn't have just taken the elevator. But then her mother always was old fashioned. She looked around and walked into the tidily orderly room. Alexandra sighed and glanced out of the massive window with a breathtaking Manhattan view. That was the solitary delightful thing about this office in her opinion.

While her mom talked to her secretary she moved towards the window and looked down upon all the emancipated teenagers out there with no burdens such as hers. So many expectations were on her, friends, family. "You're going to grow up even more intellectual then your mother." Compliments upon compliments of praise towards her.

Her mother's voice pulled her back to reality. "Alexandra? You alright there?"

"Huh? Oh yes mother I'm fine."

"Alright then, come here and help me with these forms."

As Mrs Edward sat behind her desk she took out some pale pink coloured forms out from her file cabinet she handed Alexandra one. "Alright, these people wish to apply for a position at my company, for my requirements and advice for you always remember to check their reference so I want you to highlight their former job and if you don't have one, just put it to this pile"

Her mother was positively beaming as she looked to her daughter with pride and placed a hand on the "out" box. Alexandra nodded her head showing she understood. Alexandra looked at her mom who actually seemed to be enjoying it. Alexandra thought to herself "my life will not turn out like this I vow it to myself."


"Oh my fucken lord, I'm glad to be back to school. Weekend was so monotonous, for hours I was stuck in the hell forsaken place my mother calls an office."

Monday, the first few minutes of school to Alexandra and her group in other terms was the "gossip time" it was the time where one would spill out all the juiciest of gossip around either if it was bad or nothing but a lie. At this school St Mary's Catholic Secondary School for Girls was nothing more then a place where brains didn't matter but what you got for your birthday did, or how much money your father makes.

The bell rang for class and everybody parted their own ways, Alexandra hurried up the stairs to her Law Studies class anxious for her mid term's test result. She sat down near the back and the nun smiled to her and gave her back her test. Sister Marie, Alexandra's favourite sister. Although her english wasn't that well she was indeed the nicest nun in the whole school.

"Ah Alex'zandria, not z'up to your use'ual stand'ard but oh well, good, none the less."

Alexandra looked at her grade her heart pounded deep within her chest the chatter of many students around her didn't bother her as much seeing as how her blood was rushing and pounding through her ears. She got an 80?!

Dread rushed through her as she swiftly shoved the test into her folder and banged her head on the table. Saying to herself "eighty?! Oh man my mother is going to lecture to me hell and back!"

Sarah glanced over Alexandra's shoulder and moved back to her standing position. "There, there that isn't so bad. Its better then what I got I assure you that."

Alexandra stopped banging her head against her desk and swivelled her chair around quickly. Wanting to know what her mark was. Sarah was Alexandra's closet friend in this school full of rich deluded girls. But the only problem about Sarah was that she was secretive about marks. Thinking I would take a knife out and stab her to death of because she had a low score she never uttered her mark to anyone. So Alexandra just got angry with Sarah's statement.

"Yeah Sarah and pigs DO fly!"

Slinging her backpack onto a shoulder and the end of the school day she looked down and dreaded the return home. She walked slowly out of the gates and walked down the crowded streets. For the whole entire school day she was quiet and thought why did her life, have to be so demanding. Alexandra hated the fact that her mother thought she was always the honour student nothing but the top of grades in the whole of her class.

She started kicking rocks upon the cracked pavement as she went along. Making a decision to go get a coffee just to bide her time. She walked by people on the street never taking her glance off the ground and shaking her head worried at what might happen to her.


Down the same block Timothy, a typical teenager living in New York City was hanging with his friends at local cafe where they normally hanged out after school since it was close to their public school and home was too much of a mess to go to anyways.

Timothy contemplated down at his test grade for math leaning forward and sighing slightly as saw his mark, a 41 not the lowest grade he could've received, but all the same.

"Dam... I always fail at everything don't I...?" Timothy whispered lightly to himself, shaking his head never taking his eye's gaze from the ground as he angrily shoved the paper back into his backpack stuffing it into a small pocket, as if to hide his shame. Tim tucked a look strand of his chestnut brown hair behind his ear. Timothy had short split hair and brown eyes, he was a skinny and looked like a weakling compared to all he's buffed friends.

Suddenly all his friends go silent, one of them not peeling their eyes off from what was so interesting nudged Tim in his side, he glimpses up and wonders what's so captivating especially to his friends who he thought were a bunch of morons. "What's going on..." he said, still distracted with disappointment yet knowing what they were up to.

"Yo guys... There she is.." Mike looked over, turning his head down the street to the girl walking pass the café window as she seemed to stick out from the crowd of people and shine.

"That's the girl I was talking about from that private all girls' school..." his voice echoed with sarcasm.

Steve and Dax looked over in the direction that Mike had his eyes set on. They all remain silent as they watch her walk by then down the street in a slow pace, her head low to the ground.

Timothy watches her, his eyes grow wider as he has never seen a girl as beautiful as her before making his heart start to beat faster in his chest, watching her in sheer awe and says stuttering a little, "Who.. Is that guys..."

Mike turned to Timothy and shakes his head slowly amazed at Tim's out of date mind, "her name is Alexandra... her parents are rich corporate business people who own the Royal Edwards Hotels..."

He smirks lightly then shakes his head at Timothy.

"Be a bad idea to like a girl like that Tim... she's nothing but a snob and look at people like us like we are nothing but common trash..."

Dax nodded with Mike agreeing with his words and looked up at the lightly still dreaming for a few moments then laughs confidently trying to cover up his dejection and turns his head to the both of them and says jokingly leaning back in his chair.

"Yea but she is hot!"

Timothy watches her until she's out of sight and turns to his friends he blinks slightly, understanding what his friends were saying to him. "Yeah... I know..." Timothy looked down at the floor and sighed, seeing as he was a member of low class society and wasn't wealthy or classy like her he thought to himself that his life was pretty much nothing and sighed again.

Timothy came from a small family and lived only with his mother in a cramped apartment in the Bronx. A small neighbourhood where gangs and drugs ruled the streets. His life at home was no a joy, a mom who worked at a Mac Donald's and was an addict. He had to deal with his mother everyday, cleaning the house, dishes and doing pretty much everything since his mom would yell and be doped up all the time.

Timothy's mother never made too much and he had to live on a low budget so education was difficult for him he usually never had time to study as he also had to work at a local 7 eleven after school until close to midnight 6 times a week and was usually very tired when he got home so barely did he ever study.

Ordinarily if he wasn't at home he was with his friends at parties and never came back before 2 or 3 am, so he was always tired and full of fatigue. So his grades were falling at a rapid rate ever since his father left them 3 years ago after a long divorce case with the city and watching his parents fight constantly at night he wasn't surprised by the outcome at all now.

As he sat there and closed his eyes trying to get her image back into his mind he all but wondered if what his friends said was true cause sometimes his friends have a tendency to over exaggerate the truth to a certain scale and wondered if what they said about her was true.

"I wonder if my mom is gonna throw a fit when I get home... and show her what I got on my math test..." Timothy said but was more distracted still thinking about Alexandra in his mind.

"Life is only endless torment and pain man... she ain't gonna go for you ever..." Dax said knowing Tim was still thinking about Alexandra as he looked at the two then laughed.

"I know, I know" Timothy said feeling despondent.