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Chapter 16

Alexandra banged helplessly onto the door slumping onto the ground in a crumpled heap of tears she didn't know if anyone was hurt but she only hoped and prayed to god it wasn't Timothy. The cries of her son could be heard as her farther tried to comfort him rocking him gently back and forth. Outside grunting and sounds of crashing furniture could be heard.

Timothy looked at the fighting with wide eyes. He was in awe, not knowing who was who. The gunshot had gone through the door! The thought of what would have happened to him, had he been standing there made his heart beat furiously. He shook his head and brought himself back to reality. He looked to see a buff and beefy man approaching at the door and he knew this man was going to get Alexandra. Timothy lifted a chair and threw it hard against the man's chest. There was a quick "snap", and one of the legs of the chair fell off.

The man stumbled back but was unhurt by Timothy's move and Timothy knew he was no match for the man but jumped on him anyway not forsaking his loved ones Tim wrapped his hands firmly around the guy's throat not letting go, the man grunt heavily and bashed his forehead against Timothy's revealed and unprotected chest.

The sharp pain surged through Timothy's chest and he knew his mistake as his fingers loosened their grip in one swift movement the man grabbed Timothy's waist and hoisted him down to the floor hard. Tim's head rattled and pain was almost unbearable managing his last ounce of strength he grabbed his pocket knife and shoved it deep into the man's leg.

Falling limply to the ground, Timothy closed his eyes. Blood seeped from a deep cut on his head thanks to a loose shard of glass. The man limped and screamed in agony for a few moments, the ones Timothy was using to recover. The man removed the pocket knife before Tim noticed. He was about to plunge it into the boy's chest when his partner eyed him.

"Leave him, idiot, and grab the girl!" He boomed angrily as he tried to wrestle a guard.

Growling the man threw the pocket knife away frustration and resentment seen in his small eyes, he was bald and very tanned walking to the bathroom door where he had heard the loud thumps with a quick heave the table that barricaded it was pushed over.

Alexandra stood up and backed away cautiously as she heard the loud noises she feared who was at the other side of the door. The door flung open and she let out a blood curling scream to see who it was, her father was protecting her son and that was all she needed to know still screaming the man covered his ears his face contorted in anger as he limped towards her a swift back hand across her face told her that she shouldn't cross him.

Closing her mouth her easily carried her and put Alexandra over his shoulder feeling helpless she didn't cry of flinch she knew this was the only way to save her family looking to her dad and his shaking body she wanted to cry out to him but there was no hope as the man carried her out the bathroom she could see Tim and blood staining the floor next to him she gasped and struggled to get by his side there was a harsh growl and push at her buttocks. "That bastards fine he just hit his head! Stop squirming you bitch!"

Looking at the other men surrounding her and walking out of the apartment door she didn't move her heart in a whirl of emotions, fear, pain, love, hate, anxiety and regret. The game of emotions was unbearable she wanted to dig a hole and scream into it letting it all out but she couldn't she could hear the sirens of police forces driving towards the apartment building.

Outside were six black cars and opening a door to one of them the man threw her inside and the door was locked instantly she let out a soft whimper and tried to open the lock but a voice from behind her came soft and misty. "Want to go already dear?"

Alexandra turned and gave a soft gasp of surprise it was him Nic. The man was tall and slim she could see that he wasn't that strong of a man, with brown untidy hair. His smooth light tanned face showed no sign of wrinkles and it made him seem very young for his age. He had a bulging nose and thin lips. The car started and they were off. "Like my new plan? See with all the same cars they wouldn't know who to follow I was tired of waiting yes way dear it would be much easier."

He held out his hand to her, his hand was extremely white with some hairs of his masculinity looking to his eyes hazel with a touch of grey and the look was so piercing to the soul Alexandra knew she didn't have a choice putting her hands atop his open palm she found it was smooth for a guy as he pulled her closer to him and felt him squeeze her hand firmly not letting her go. She could smell his after save a strong scent. Alexandra shivered and she felt his arms embrace her and even though his warmth emanated from his body she still felt cold.

"There will be no more interference with your family and no more hunting for Tim if you stay with me ok?"

Looking up to him she could tell him was telling her the truth a man of great pride and dignity would never give false pretences.

"Alright" she replied her voice trembling she didn't need to hide it she knew he would've figured it out anyways. He looked to her intently with fire burning in his eyes he leaned down brushing lightly as the back of his free hand barely grazed her cheek. Alexandra knew what was coming she knew why he wanted her.

Nicolas looked to the girl the smell of her hair had a scent of wildflowers as he held her he could the shiver and fear inside her body but in time he would break her and she would love him freely that was her only option. Leaning down he looked in her green emerald eyes sadden by the events, the softness of her light pink lips he felt the urge of his sexual interest arise pressing his rough lips against her smooth one he gave her one long loving kiss the tingling of pleasure going through every inch of his body, she was half his age to many this wouldn't be right or just but the world and in everything in it wasn't just. Reaching down Nicolas moved his hand smoothly up her silky stomach feeling her soft flawless skin.

Alexandra reluctantly gave in to she could tell he kissed a lot of women he was rough but subtle also giving every inch of pleasure possible when she felt his hand go up her tummy she backed away she couldn't do this it wasn't only herself she would be betraying.

Nicolas remained silent and looked monotonously out the window very well he thought let her be in time she would have to give in but he was willing to wait. He was a patient man.


Blinking his eyes open he found himself staring at the blank white ceiling the bright lights contrasted against his eyes he sat up feeling pain through his head. Blinking several moments before his eyes adjusted to their surroundings it was morning and he didn't know how long he was unconscious for but his heart missed a beat as the events replayed through his mind like a horrible movie.

His stomach lurched and he wanted to find out what was going on. He heard the sound of approaching footsteps they were soft and gentle it was a lady and he hoped it was Alexandra happy and visiting him he could picture it so well her telling him it was over that Nic was dead. But it wasn't Alexandra it was a nurse short and very energetic even though it was early. Her hair in a very messy bun the grey speaks clearly shown she looked to him it was stern telling him it was her ward and she was the boss.

"You're awake sonny about time aye."

"How long have I ?"

The nurse put her stubby hands on her hips as if thinking he was joking at a time like this Tim looked to her not smiling or showing any sign of pleasantry or happiness and she knew he was in pain. "Two days aye."

Pushing him back onto the bed at his shocked face she grunted and pulled back the curtains, Timothy's mind sprouted out questions what has happened?! Looking to the nurse seeing her finally smile to him a pitiful smile though. "Has anyone been to see me?"

She nodded and stood straight looking to him "A man I suspect he's your farther? Aye?"

More worry and anxiety went through his head Alexandra hadn't visited him no he thought she was probably home with their son she was safe he hoped. The door to his room creaked open slowly the sound was agony to his head and it snapped him out of his deep thoughts he saw his father in law standing at the foot of Tim's bed. Timothy looked to his eyes; Mr Edward's gaze was to the floor the apprehension in his face was obvious.

Timothy began to shake uncontrollably sitting up. "No Alexandra."

For the first time in his life he was hugged by his farther in law the two men wept.


Drops of perspiration trickled down her forehead and down her soft milky breasts she closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side laying softly on the pillow the white bed sheets were sprawled everywhere she let out a whimper and groan of pain as Nic's pulsating member pushed in and out of her fast and firmly. He has done this a lot she through she could feel pleasure building in her but her heart was betrayed.

Nic groaned loudly in pleasure feeling his member pump more with in Alexandra she was firm around him, he looked down to her seeing her face pained but he didn't care she gave in to him finally after two days of staying in his estate. Feeling himself climax he arched his head back and let out a very long soft groan of pleasure.

Alexandra looked to him she managed a smile and shuffle a little on the bed trying to make herself comfortable. Thinking it was over she let out a soft sigh not climaxing not with him she thought. Relaxing at the silence she could see beads of sweat on his pale arms seeing him shuffle down she closed her eyes, letting out a soft scream as his fingers thrust very deep into her and she knew then that if she didn't climax he would do it until she did. In between her legs it was throbbing and heart was emanating from her she finally gave in and felt his tongue rapidly flick in between her legs. He was an experienced man.

Moving up he looked to her his eyes looked dangerous she forced yet another smile and she could see the evil sneer he was planning something and before she knew it his pulsing member was pushed deep into her mouth, eyes widening she looked to him and he growled to her obviously displeased from her lack of performance. "Suck my dear."

Alexandra did the only thing she could suck..