Chapter one-

My name is Samantha Johnson and I am your regular average girl. My life is so boring so there's not much to tell. My family never goes on vacation and it just seems that I am the odd ball in my family. I'm half Chinese and half American. I have semi-long black hair. I have pretty eyes but that's pretty much it. I'm not Miss America or anything but I'm not Frankenstein. I'm okay in school and I don't have much friends. In fact I have no friends at all, no one seems to want to get to know me. I'm not a geek and I don't wear glasses I just don't know why they don't like me. I never had a boyfriend but I do have a crush. His name is Jason Cannon and he is the most popular guy in high school. Too bad he's taken. I don't think I'll ever have a boyfriend. I mean I'm a junior now and I never had a kiss before. You must be wondering why I'm so pathetic. I guess it's because I'm crazy about love stories. I love romantic fairytales and books that when I was little I would act them out. My most favorite one is the one my grandma made up. If you want to hear it keep reading.

Long ago it a magical place where magic exists, lived a beautiful princess and her name was Melissa. She had beautiful gold hair and every boy wanted to be with her. But for some reason she doesn't fall in love with anyone of them. Her father got the most handsome princes to come and ask for her hand. But she kept refusing. It was because she was in love with a poor boy named Casey. Though he was poor he was very handsome and different from all the boys she knew. He was kind to the poor, helped his sick grandpa and finding money any way he can for him. He took in strayed animals that were injured and sometimes hurt poor people.

When Melissa decided to go out under disguised, she walked through the woods. There she came across a cottage and saw Casey. Casey at first thought she was just a regular girl and talked to her. Every day they talked and every day they fell in love. One day Casey found out she was a princess and was mad because she lied to him about who she really was. He refused to ever talk to her again, but then one day an evil witch cast a spell on the princess.

My grandma never did tell me much about how he saved her and the adventure he went through or how it ended. I always assumed that Casey saved her and they lived happily ever after. But my grandma told me that the adventure was for me to discover. She told me that every story had a surprising ending. She told me that one day I would go on an adventure and that I would have to see how it turned out. Although I never understood what she meant, I still believed her. Before my grandma passed away she told me that the story, during the adventure would last a long time, filled with creatures and horrid things. She told me that Casey was accompany by friends to help him and that things were not what they seem.

After she died I cried for a long time. I never forgotten about the story she made up. For some reason I felt like she doesn't want me to forget it. And that the story has something to do with my life. Weird huh? I guess all of this is confusing, I guess I am a very weird girl.

" Samantha! Wake up already!" My dad yelled from downstairs.

" I'm coming!" I said as I lifted myself up from my bad.

After a couple minutes I was downstairs. My dad is a single parent; he never dated after my mom died when I was 3. I went and sat at out kitchen table watching my dad put eggs and bacon on a plate.

" Okay eat up!" He said as he put down the plate in front of me.

" Dad are you sure you don't want to go to the park with me?" I asked looking at the tall man across from me.

" I would love to but I can't. I have work today, sorry honey." My dad's eyes truly did look sorry.

" I understand," I said quietly. I looked down at my plate and started to arrange the food into a happy face.

" Oh, I almost forgot. Be sure before you go to the park you go through grandma's stuff. Pick what you want to keep. We need her room so we can get started with our boarding house." He said with a small smile.

" Yeah okay."

He looked at his watch and started to stand up. " Oh look at the time. I got to get going. Have a nice day at the park. Bye," he gave me a kiss on the forehead and left.

After I finished my breakfast I went up to my room. I started to put things in my backpack to get ready for the park. I bring a lot of things to the park; I always like to come prepared.

I stuffed 2 books in my backpack. They're romance and adventurous. I then put some money in, a hat, water bottle, Tylenol, my laptop, cds, cd player, batteries, note book, pen, my keys, pepper spray, flash light, band aids, basically all your needs for the park. Okay I know that's a lot to bring, but hey you ever know when you need them right?

I then went to my grandma's room and looked through her stuff. I went through her closet and on top was a round box. I took it down and went over and sat on her bed. I opened the box and in it were letters and drawings. I opened one letter and it turned out to be from a man. I decided to save it for the park so I put all the letters in my backpack. I then looked at the drawings and it was so beautiful. One was of mountains where the sun sets between it. Another was the wood, it was green and beautiful. There were little animals here and there and it looked as if they were talking.

The one that I liked most was one with a cottage. It was surrounded with flowers and a water mill. It had a river behind it. There were many more drawings and I put them in my backpack to look through later. There was also a small envelope in the box, but as I look at my watch I decided to look at it all in the park.

I look through her other things and saw a key with a chain. It wasn't any key for the house and it looked ancient. I decided to wear, I could hear it bouncing along with my locket, it was my grandma's and she gave it to me. I couldn't open it for some reason, but my grandma told me one day I would be able. I never took it off.

I decided to set off to the park listening to my cd player. As I walked I came across an alley I never saw before.

' Should I go in? It looks safe and it does seem to be a short cut to the park. And why haven't I ever seen this alley before?' I thought. I decided just to walk through it.

As I set foot in the alley I felt a warm sensation going through me. As I step through it, I felt as if I was falling. I wasn't in the alley anymore. I felt myself spinning and falling. It seemed like I would never stop and then I fell hard on the ground.

I opened my eyes and there was a face in front of me.

" You finally woke up. How are you doing?" The boy asked me.

" Um. Who are you?" I asked, rubbing my head.

The boy laughed a little and said, " I'm sorry, my name is Casey."