On the West Side of this world, there's a girl left in shame

While her father receives pleasure, she feels pain

Every night when she gets home from her friendly clueless school

Her dad is waiting, deceivingly, to use her as his tool

Her mother died when she was 3, she has no friends to tell

She's afraid to get close to anyone, for fear she'll go through hell

So instead of reaching out to someone, to help her heal her wounds

Her father steals her innocence and her pain resumes.

On the East Side of this world, depression runs its course

A teenage boy strikes with a blade adding pressured force

He wishes for nothing more then release from all his tears

This cold silvery sharp friend rids him of his fears

The crimson lurking on the inside only makes him smile

But every night he asks himself "Is all of this worthwhile?"

And he will indulge a blade across his naked skin

Who knows what's next to come, to kill this pain within.

On the South Side of this world, a girl is lost in smoke

She says it's not to be cool, as she inhales and starts to choke

Her siblings have supplied her with this deathly crime

She says she does it for the taste, but her friends see through her lines

It starts with little addictions, and she'll move along to more

They can see her future as passage through new doors

And she knows she's falling into the wrongful hands

How to move beyond them is what she doesn't understand.

On the North Side of this world, Black and Blue still shine

A 10 year old frightened boy, is paralyzed at the spine

His parents say they're sorry, that they didn't mean him harm

After just a few drinks, there's bruises down his arm

His teachers sometimes worry, but he never tells the truth

He says that he fell down the stairs, or was beaten by a youth

He knew if he were to say the source of his many scars

That he would be in more pain. He wouldn't get too far

But he took the chance, and told the truth to a trusted friend

Someone who was little, and couldn't help defend

So now this little frightened boy, sits in his wheelchair day by day

Hoping that someone'll notice that he didn't start out this way.

Down by the equator, a girl always shakes in fear

She says that she is fine, though her mind is never clear

That mans voice taunts her from that one day in the park

She was walking aimlessly; it was getting fairly dark

He grabbed her from behind, she had no self-defense

Then he picked her up and pinned her on a near by bench

She wailed and screamed but no one heard, no came to help

He stripped her clothing from her; she was torn from herself

That day lurks within her mind, as vivid as its true

But she's too scared to tell a soul, she feels too cheap and used.

Somewhere on this planet, 4 teens just took their lives

All because they felt unloved, and no one heard their cries

One with blades of silver, who cut too far within

Her blood filled the bathroom floor, and dyed her pallid skin

Another with a loaded gun, only needed that one shot

Perhaps he didn't want to die but it's too late to change this plot

Then one took a common rope and standing on a can

He took a deep breath- kicked it over, and from this life he's banned

The last one in her bathtub, she held her breath too long

She floated in the shallow pool, her wish filled - she's gone!

You can pause and stop to think while staring at this page

About the words written by a girl whose life has just been saved

Filling your mind with thoughts, from true reality

Pray for those who can relate. Pray for their sanity

Touch the souls of many; hear their many cries

Reach your hand to those who have no love. Open up their eyes

Rewrite the stories of the future, stop the needless sin

Things need not have to go the way, the way they've already been.