The Animal We Call Horse.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeee!" The brave Indians hunters yelled as they charged at the mighty buffalo to get some food for their people. The Indians tried to shoot their arrows straight and true but didn't have the right amount of power to do it. They went sulking back to their village. Hawk, the leader of the hunt, was the most disappointed.

"These last few months we tried and we still didn't catch any buffalo," said Hawk to his wife Little Flower, "We can't just live off the food that we have left. It's so little,"

"Why don't you see the next time you hunt and if you still can't catch anything then talk to Brown Bear for advice on what you should do," replied Little Flower.

"I guess we should do it," said Hawk and with that they went to sleep. Then after another unsuccessful hunt it was time to talk to Brown Bear. As the late afternoon swept over the village Hawk, and the rest of the hunters, walked over to Brown Bear's Hogan and stepped in.

"Chief Brown Bear, we have come to ask your advice on what we should do about our hunting," asked Hawk.

"Yes. I have seen the little food that my people have in there possession. You may ask the Great Spirit on the top of Locate Hill what you should do," replied Brown Bear.

"When should we leave on our long journey?" asked Hawk.

"You can leave when the sun kisses the earth," replied Brown Bear. And with that the next morning when the sun came up they left on there journey to Locate Hill.