Madison looked at herself in the mirror.

"That was him." She told herself aloud. "The one with brown hair and gray eyes. But that was only a dream! Okay, a repeated dream, but still! How is that possible?"

She grabbed her bag and put it on over her head and rested it on her shoulder. She walked out of the bathroom and back to her friends. She sat down next to Cory.

"Oh my god, girl! They were so hot! How could you leave?" Jordan asked her.

"All that soda at the movies caught up to me. I was about to burst." She lied.

"At least it wasn't like when we all had to go so bad and Cory wanted to wait until the end of the movie that one time." Joy reminded her.

"Oh, it was close."

"I know the feeling." Kimmie laughed.

"Anyways, let's just eat." Joy told them.

"Sounds like a deal to me." Cory said and they started to eat their burgers.

"Cory, your butt is so big!" Kimmie joked.

Cory looked in the mirror at her butt. "Oh my god! It is?"

"No, I was kidding."

"Oh my god! Don't joke like that!"

"Cory, we know you love your ass. Chill." Joy said rolling her eyes.

"Yeah well ever since someone said, quote me, 'you have a nice tight ass,' you've been worrying what you've been wearing."

"I have no ass! I can wear anything and you won't see it."

"Your right, Joy." Jordan laughed. "How about we buy you a thong. Then the guys will see some ass."


"I was joking."


They laughed.

"Joy, I thought Cory was bad and I mean she's pretty bad. But you, you give a whole new definition to bad." Kimmie told her.

"Thank you." Joy said sarcastically.

"Well, what do you expect? She was a catholic school girl gone bad and she also holds the title of most perverted chick." Cory told them.

"That's true . . ." Jordan said.

"Hey!" Joy yelled.

"Freak." Cory laughed.

"Feeling the love." Joy stated sarcastically.

"Come on, I want to buy this shirt." Cory told them.

"Okay." Kimmie answered.

They followed Cory to the cash register where a really hot guy was working.

"Ooh. Look at him." Jordan whispered to Madison. "Hot stuff."

"Do you ever think of anything besides guys?" Madison asked.



Cory handed the guy her purple shirt and he rang it up.

"That'll be fourteen fifty-five." He said.

She handed him fifteen dollars and said, "Here you go, Steve."

He took the money and said, "Thanks."

He handed her back her change with the receipt and bag.

"Have a nice day." Steve said.

"You too." She said and they walked out of the store.

"You know him?" Jordan asked, getting excited.

"No." Cory said.

"How'd you know his name then?"

"Name tag." She said simply.

"Oh, right. I knew that."

"You can be so blonde sometimes." Joy smirked.

"I'm blonde really. I just dye my hair brown to fool you." She joked.

"Only you."


"Hey hot mamas. You need a man who works hard?" Some voices said behind them.

They stopped and turned around. There were three guys standing there. One had black hair and brown eyes, another had blonde hair and blue eyes, and the last one had brown hair and gray eyes. They just laughed.

"Maybe when you grow up little boys." Kimmie said and they went on their way.

"Hey wait!" One called out while running towards them. They stopped in front of them so they stopped also.

"What do you want?" Cory asked.

"Can we get your numbers? You know so when we 'grow up' we can give you a call."

"You wish." Joy said and they pushed their way through.

"Come on. One part of me is fully grown and he wants to meet you." The one with brown hair said.

Joy turned around.

"A tooth pick is probably bigger than it."

"No, I'm bigger than that."

"I want proof. Show me."

"Right now?"

"Yeah." She said like he was dumb.

"Not in public."

"You just know it's puny and you'd get embarrassed."


"Buh-bye." She said and went on her way.

"No wait! Hold up!" He said trying hard to open his fly. "Please."

The girls just laughed.

"Nice one, Joy." Madison said.

"Damn. Guys think more with what's in their pants then their brain." Cory laughed.

"I know! Really." Jordan

"That was funny though. I think he's still trying to unzip his pants." Kimmie said.

"Wouldn't surprise me." Madison replied.

"Let's go into Victoria Secrets and buy you that thong Joy. And we can get those guys one to." Jordan said.

"Are you kidding?" Joy asked.


"Good! Let's go!"

Joy grabbed Cory's hand and practically ran to the store.

"Calm down!" Jordan yelled trying to catch up to them.

"Joy! It's nothing big!" Kimmie shouted.

"But it's great!" Joy yelled back to them.

Madison just walked slowly behind them while Kimmie and Jordan tried to catch up to Cory and Joy.

"Always in a hurry." Madison sighed.

She walked the rest of the way to Victoria's Secret and went inside. There she saw Joy freaking out over the large selection of thongs.

"This is like heaven!" Madison heard Joy yell.

"Oh behave yourself. You're embarrassing us!" Kimmie told her. The workers there were staring at them.

"Ooh! Black!" Joy said triumphantly.

Madison finally reached the group.

"How about the hot pink for the guys?" She said. "There's only three left."

"What a great idea!" Jordan said.

"This'll be funny." Cory smiled.

"Joy, you done yet?" Kimmie asked her.

"Yeah, but can I get more then one?" She asked.

"Whatever will shut you up." Jordan said.


She got a blue thong along with the black, and also a red.

"Okay, I'm good!"

Kimmie and Cory just shook their heads and sighed. Madison grabbed the three hot pink thongs and they went up to the register.

"That'll be one-hundred twenty-four, please." The lady said.

Jordan got out her wallet and handed over the exact amount.

"Oh, can you wrap the hot pink ones in separate gifts for me please? And the other ones can go together." She told the lady.

"No problem." She answered and did as she said.

She handed over the bags and Joy took hers along with the other three. They walked out and looked around for the three guys. They were sitting down on one of the benches.

"Wait here." Joy told them.

She walked over to them and handed each a bag, smiled and walked back to her friends.

"Watch this." She smirked.

The three guys looked into the bags and pulled out what was inside. They're faces looked shocked and the girls burst out laughing.

"That was too great." Cory said.

"They probably thought it was something good, too." Kimmie stated.

"Games or something." Madison agreed.

They started walking away to go sit down. Joy looked at her cell phone.

"Crap! It's 2:43. I should have been home by now. I need to get ready for my date tonight." She said.

"That's in two hours though." Cory reminded her.

"I need those two hours to get ready."

"Oh goodness."

"Well I got to get over to the twins house to baby-sit them." Jordan said. "Can you drop me off?"

"Sure. Come on." Joy said.

"See ya girls." Jordan said and waved and they walked towards the exit.

"Bye!" Cory, Kimmie, and Madison called to them.

"Excuse me." Someone said and tapped on Kimmie's shoulder.

"Yes?" She said while they all turned around. It was the guy with the blonde hair.

"Can you give this to your friend with the black tips?" He asked.

"What is it?" Madison asked.

"Just a present from the guys and me."

"Okay, we better get going." Cory told him.

"Okay, thanks."

"Welcome." Kimmie said and they walked away.

"What is it?" Cory asked while Madison was looking in the bag.

"Boxers." She laughed.