I trugged up the stairs to our loft. This is what I hated and loved each day. Coming home to see the two I secretly loved. I wanted to tell them. Or at least pick one. But I couldn't. I unlocked the door to see Alex bending over the Kitchen divider talking to Tien. I must admit it was a nice view but it hurt to watch and know I couldn't touch. I started weighing them again.

Alex was a little taller then I was. He was slender but strong. Alex looked like he was made of black silk. So pure and it looked soft to touch. But I would never know. He had the most startling eyes. They were ice blue. I have never met anyone who was black to have such bright eyes. He was intelligent, and bold. I loved him and melted when he talked to me. His deep voice was music to my ears.

Tien was a little shorter then I was. She was slender and fairly strong. Tien was asian. Her body tanned to perfection. As though she never left the suns rays. She too had amazing eyes. Bright green. So astonishing to look at. She was smart and quiet. I loved her. When she talked to me her voice soft and angelic I couldn't help but smile.

You see why I'm stuck. Both gorgeous and different. Both have great qualities. Both have beautiful voices. I shook my head to clear my thought as I walked up to the divider. I stood next to Alex. Did I mention how good he smelt. I looked up at him to see he winking at Tien. My heart dropped. She winked back. They were together. I couldn't take this. I turned to leave but Alex's strong hand kept me back. I turned blinking back tears. He smiled as Tien walked beside him showing the same expression.

"We know."


I stood between them. Flesh on flesh. Tien stood in front of me. Her lush lips on mine. Shy hands roaming my chest. She was gentle. Then there was Alex behind me. His lips kissing my neck. Hands tracing my body. He grabbed my waist and pulled me onto the bed. We stayed in the same order only now we were sitting. I groaned as I felt Alex leave. I didn't feel the same. Sure I was happy but I wasn't...complete. Tien was getting bolder. Her hands losing their nervousness. She started pulling at my nipples. Lips trailing away from mine and moved down to suck on my collar bone. I moaned at her actions. Then I felt Alex return and my heart skipped a beat. He turned my head and kissed me roughly. A slick finger entered my anus. I jumped and he kissed me harder his other hand rubbing small circles on my back. I started to relax. Then there were two fingers scissoring me. Spreading me wider. It hurt a bit. But I knew it was necessary. I shifted uncomfortably when my erection was grasped by Tien's soft hands. I moaned into the kiss not even noticing there were now three fingers moving in me. Alex lifted me by the hips and lowered me down on his cock. Not even Tien hands could distract me from this. It hurt and was too large. Alex kept pushing me down until he was devoured. He tensed up behind me but stayed still. Tien shifted herself. Putting the head of my cock at her entrance she slowly impaled herself on me. Alex wasn't hurting me anymore but felt annoying just sitting there I sqirumed a bit. Alex moved me off not knowing he was pushing me into Tien. I was lost. I was filling someone and being filled. It was great. Motion started slowly. Quiet moans broke through the silence. I was getting frustrated every time I moved forward I lost Alex but every time I moved back I lost Tien. I grabbed Tien's waist and pulled her to me. He supple breasts rubbed against my chest. I moaned as I pushed my self back onto Alex not leaving Tien. I moaned in ecstasy. I was complete. I came setting the others off aswell. When we all came back to reality. They moved away from me. I was empty again. I didn't like it. Then I was pushed back to lay on the bed. Alex and Tien curling up on top of me. I smiled. They didn't leave me.

I was complete.