A/N : This is a work of fiction. Names and characters, their circumstances and motivations, are products of the author's imagination and any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, is completely coincidental.


This is just a story, a love story, well I'm not sure it's the right word but I don't know where to put this story. This is a love story of Kevin Spacey and me, Sam Hewittz. At the same time it was a story of life, how to get through when your life completely turn down and also a story of friendship. When you're finished, I hope you'll understand the decisions that all the characters in this story made both right and wrong and sometimes they don't do the right thing till the story end.

I'd learned a lot these days, learned to leave the bad things behind and move on.

And I'm ready to share it with you now.


Chapter 1

By the way, before I tell you the entire story, let me tell my name, first.

My name is Sam Hewittz.

It all started when I was standing alone in my room, early Sunday morning at the end of February.

"Are you ready, Sam? Come on down. A cab's here."

" I'm ready, Mom."

I looked around my room, sighed before picked my luggage up and walked slowly to downstairs, getting ready to take a cab.

If someone had asked me to stop now, I would have been stop.

But no one had asked me then.

I'd lived at this house since I was born never lived at another place except that time when I was 15 years old. I'd visited my grandma in France but it was just only 2 months.

When my mom had told me that I was old enough to live by myself I was a bit scared but I knew the time had come for me to learn how to live without my mom.

I wished my mother's here now but it was impossible. My mother, my real mother, Sandra, lived in London since she divorced my dad when I was 9 months old and never come back to New York.

I had to live with best friend of my mom and dad, Devlin, and my dad. But when he had met the seductive, sexy and red head girl, he left me to married her and failed to come back to see me again.

Alone with my mom, I ignored my real mom and my dad even if sometimes I missed them so much and asked myself why they had abandoned me. It was unfair to me but I got nothing to do with it. Meanwhile Devlin always loved me as I was her own child and I knew I loved her more than my real mom.

At the next corner, the cab finally slowed down. I went out, waited for a couple of cars to pass, then crossed the street. I made my way to my apartment, ready to meet my two roommates.

First Megan,

Megan Melanie was so excited when her asked her dad to live alone by herself. Wondering he would let her or not. Because her mom had died when she was young, and her dad had to alone raise her. He loved Megan so much and was still treating her like she was 10 years old, even if she was 20 now.

In her life she had only one boyfriend and it ended up within 2 weeks because she had to come back home early for having dinner with her dad. But when her dad told her to live alone, she told me she could feel how nervous she was.

Now she would live alone in New York far away from her dad. Without her dad she felt a bit fearful. This was the first time, very first time, she had to live on her own. It would be her new experience, she was excited to have it but inside she really felt anxious.

And then Julia,

Julia Jancott was, sexy, vibrant, self-assured and had been spoilt by her rich family. She was self-confident and always looked the world with her humor eyes.

And sometimes I wanted to be her.

She asked her mom and dad if she could live in New York alone. When her mom and dad was OK. She found an apartment by herself and asked if two people had wanted to share with her.

It was not she couldn't afford it by herself but she still wanted some friends who could take care her and be her friends.

Walking in lift, I saw a woman who wore new-fashion cloth looked like a model from magazine. She was a tall, lithe, very slender, good-looking woman in her nineteen with hazel eyes. She looked at me and asked me with her cheerily voice.

"Which floor?"

" It's same with you, thank you so much" I said politely.

'She is my roommate or not. Oh may be it is good thing living with a new- fashion girl'.

And later we walked entered the path of our floor and stopped at one room.

"This is your room?" I asked, knowing that of course she was my roommate.

"Yes, you are err. . . my roommate, right?" She asked with her cheerily tone.

"Oh yes," I paused "but I don't know you come today. I think you would come next week."

" I just change my mind. Err . . . I'm Julia from California." She smiled down at me. And we had a handshake.

"I'm Sam from New York. It still has one roommate, doesn't it?" I asked, wondering where was another roommate.

"Yep, she told me she would come today too"

She opened the door and we walked inside then saw a girl with her red hair and blue apron walked from kitchen.

"Hi, You would be my roommates,I'm Megan, nice to meet you." She greeted us nicely

"Nice to meet you" Julia and I said automatically.

We smiled at each other.

I knew then that we were destined to finally become friends . . .

Close friends.