It's dawn now, almost 5 A.M. And my story is nearly over. I've spent almost all of the night to tell you the entire story. I wish I could tell you the rest but I'd better get some rest now, as today is Julia's wedding day.

Julia Jancott's getting married. After dating around the clock, after seven months of debilitating and troublesome dating, she eventually finds Mr. Right, Luke Dunne. At least from Megan and I thought, he seems to be.

After realizing that her best friends, one already got married and the other gonna be Mrs. Soon, Megan Melanie started getting nervous. I can tell that by the way she repeats herself about settling down everyday after knowing that Julia's getting married.

What's on their right mind?

Is marriage so tempting?

Maybe it is.

Is marriage is your life?

No. It's certainly not.

Maybe it's a part.

But not yours.


Bless you both.

Bless your marriage.

May your love stay forever,

My two special best friends


Julia's wedding was fabulous. Megan and I were there until we saw our best friend walked outside the church and almost disappeared in a welter of hugs and kisses later.

It's 7 P.M. now. And I think the time's come for let you all know the rest.

Where to start?

Ashley Klein

Why let him be the first?

I think you might wonder.

He's my friend now.

No love. No lust. Be friend.

Ashley had called four nights after that so- shocked talk. He asked me if we could talk somewhere. I said no. There were two called after, and I kept saying no.


Dear Sam,

I'm so sorry for what I did, Sam. I'm really sorry. It liked I couldn't believe that you had walked out on me. I really love you and yet that time I was angry. All those time I thought I was someone really special in your life and that you needed me - need my love and encouragement and support. The why - did - you - do - it, Why? I - love - you - very - much, Don't - you - know - that words kept playing in my head. I was angry and I was hurt, Sam, but that didn't last for long. I could never be angry for you long. I, now, come to an understanding for what you did. And I want to apologize for the way I treated you. Sam, I love you. I'll always love you. I hope things go well for you. I'll pray that they do, My love.

All of my love,


He'd sent the letter to me. I was glad that, at last he did understand. I called him after considering calling or not for three minutes. We made small talk and I ask him to meet me in one hour.

There was another big - and - end - well talk.

And we'd become friends.


Another big surprise

What a big surprise!

I'd met Michelle. Michelle Morris who's my daughter's mother. In Paris, at one murky pub, I met her. I stared at her, she stared back, silence, neither of us knew what to do. Then she murmured my name.

We had a really long talk together.

I told her about Chloe's death.

She said nothing.

Guilt overwhelmed me that I didn't do well.

Michelle seemed to be able to read through my mind. She reached to my hand, squeezed it gently, "I know you'd tried your best."

What a relief!

Michelle let me cry for a moment and I did felt better.

Michelle cried too. I swear I could see her wiped her eyes two - three times. And her eyes are red - swollen. At last I know that Chloe's mother really love her.


As I told you this is a love story, a love story of Kevin Spacey and Sam Hewittz. And for what happened with us next, I'm quite sure you've figured it out.

After flew back from Maine, after Kevin and I had a long talk, after hugging and kissing for long time, I sat quietly in my car as Kevin driving back.

I was hoping and praying that it was true.

That we were heading back

Back to our house.

Back to our home.

That we'll definitely make it be

Home - sweet - Home.


A/N :

****This story dedicated to every person who loves to write.****

*-If you think I'm a loser,

Kick my ass

I'll never give up

As I'll make it happen-*


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