Flames licked her arms. Pain ripped through her body, torturing her soul and flesh. But she forced herself to endure this. She must. She must pay for what she has done.

The fire enveloped her. Heat flooded her heart. She must hold on. She must go on with the ritual. She must repay the one whom she disobeyed.

She bit her lip. Pain surged through her body. She kept telling herself, I must do this. Hold on.

I can do this. Hold on.

Hold on.

Hold on.

The heat became unbearable. She bit her lip harder until she felt cool blood trickle down her chin, dripping to her burning shirt. She bit even more, trying to hold down a scream.

I must show them. I must.

I have to hold on. I have too.

Agony shrouded her flesh. We are equal now, she thought. The pain in my mind and the pain in my are the same now.

A shriek rose from her chest to her throat. Blood was now flowing freely from her wounded lower lip, which she bit on even harder. The suffering became unbearable as she let loose a scream.

A chuckle echoed in the darkness of her mind.

Why must I do this? A small voice in the back of her mind said.

To please them. Their satisfaction is above mine.

The torment became too much. The heat was getting to be too much. It was intolerable.

"You win!" she shouted to the invisible being she was trying to please. "I lose." She stepped out of the flames.

She sat on the ground, letting loose a cry. She began weeping silently, the tears noiselessly running down her face. Like a ghost, she stood up and left.

Another chuckle echoed through her mind.