In Gladden lore a story's told
of a widow by the grave
with heavy heart and empty eyes
dark as any cave

it was a night like this that chilled my bones
when first I heard the tale
I didn't sleep for several nights
For fear the light would fail

Haysley Hall still stands there
grim and ill forgot
waiting for another fool to cast his lot

Enid was pale man
short in hieght and speech
A quiet man of feeling
With means far beyond his reach

A desperate love for Mary Reese drove his darkened fate
though he hadnt means or standing
the young lovers wouldn't wait

Haysley Hall was vacant
Before thier wedding day
No sane man would live there
Even vermin stayed away

Servants to be hired
Had to come from other towns
No one who knew its history
Would walk those caustic grounds

But they could afford no better
And accepted all the risk
They thought that love would save them
From any evil force amiss

They were married in the chapel
And went back to Haysley Hall
That very night Enid fell ill
The doctor paid a call

He couldn't find a reason
for her husbands sickened state
He did his best to help him and said
We could only wait

But he never woke that morning
He was cold and stiff in bed
She fainted from the shock
When they told her he was dead

It was a simple paupers funeral
A knotted pine wood box
No flowers or regailia
His gravesone
only rocks

She'd not move from her husband's side
Though he lay in the ground
The mourners left her there alone
Knelt by the fresh dirt mound

The night was quiet so they say
Not even wind to moan
But a moan she heard head on the earth
Rise up from dirt and stone

In first thought, was it demon
In second just her mind
But the cry, so true, her husbands voice
The truth she had to find

The moan faintly repeated
more shrill and frantic now
She dug her nails through the earth
In hopes and horror bound

Lurch and fury at tossled earth
tempest in the mind
sacred fallow rotted way
'neath cries of left behind

the coffin bore his torment
splinters cut his hand
he clawed for life so frantic
whilst fouled air expand

she moved more like a badger
than a woman struck with grief
so quickly reached the bottom
'twould seem beyond belief

such power been possesed
in cases such as these that
mortal women lift a ton
should child lay beneath

she broke through wood like paper
reached bloody hands inside
grabbed corpse out of its foundry
and pulled it in to light

still to late to reach him
she held his lifeless hand
his fingers now were broken
mouth filled with earth and sand

the grief now overcame her
and she fainted by his side

she woke up in the coffin
to find she too trapped inside

She screamed in the cramped darkness
Too tired now to act
Her hands allready mangled
Nails broken off or cracked

She screamed so loud it tore her throat
And now no sound came out
Then she just gave up to join her love

The man she couldnt live without

You dont have to believe it
If it will help you sleep at night
You can say its just a story
And turn out all the lights

but should you pass by Haysley hall
listen for a sound
for it could be your own mother
clawing underneath that ground